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Jobbik leader charged with being a spy for Russia

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A leader of the right-wing Hungarian political party Jobbik is being accused of spying on the EU for Russia.

Bela Kovacs is an elected member of the European Parliament and a leader of Jobbik. The political party Jobbik is a “far-right” anti-immigration/Euroskeptic party. However it is somewhat of a lone wolf in the greater European far-right community because it espouses Turanism. The group considers Hungarians to be Eurasian and not part of Western civilization.

Hungary is one of the most conservative/right-wing and Euroskeptic nations in Europe. It may be the first to leave the EU. The conservative “Soft-Euroskeptic” Fidesz party holds 59% of the Hungarian parliament. The Christian Democratic Party hold another 8%, but they are very right-wing compared to other Christian Democrats in Europe. Jobbik holds another 11.5%. Only 21.5% of the Hungarian parliament is held by left-wing parties and even then, these are probably more centrist compared to the left-wing in most of the rest of Europe.

Jobbik runs it’s own alliance of parties, but these are very small parties. Jobbik’s only alliance member with elected MEPs is the British National Party and they are expected to lose their seats. The BNP was splintered multiple times. Another one of their alliance partners, the Eastern German NPD is poised to elect its first MEP ever since the German Supreme Court nullified the election threshold.

From Politics Hungary…

Hungary’s chief prosecutor said he had asked the president of the European Parliament to remove the immunity rights of a Jobbik MEP who has been suspected of spying, daily Magyar Nemzet reported in its Thursday issue.

Geza Fazekas, a spokesman for the Chief Prosecutor’s Office, told the paper, citing anonymous sources, that the Constitution Protection Office had filed a case against MEP Bela Kovacs for allegedly spying against European Union institutions. Kovacs is accused of regularly conspiring with Russian diplomats and travelling to Moscow on a monthly basis. Kovacs is married to a Russian-Austrian dual citizen, who had allegedly been working for the KGB earlier, the paper said.

The Central Investigating Chief Prosecutor’s Office has started an investigation in the case for crimes punishable with a 2-8 year prison sentence, Fazekas said, adding that the case is classified and further information cannot be disclosed.