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Jury refuses to convict black man for beating elderly white man to death in Flint, MI

Another OJ Style jury refuses to convict black man for beating white man to death, even though they affirm that he committing home invasion and stole the victims car.

Last January a 19 year old black male invaded the home of a 71 year old white male and stole his car. However, he didn’t leave without severely beating and strangling the elderly white homeowner. The attack cause 71 year old William E. Bullock to deteriorate rapidly and die within three months of the attack.

The jury convicted him on several robbery charges, but refused to convict him of murder. If the jury had it’s way, he’d be out in a few years to kill again. However, this time the judge stepped in. The invoked an option to have the thug serve his sentences back to back instead of consecutively. He then sentenced him to the maximum time for each conviction, resulting in thirty years.

Flint, Michigan is over 50% black.


A Flint teen was ordered to spend a minimum of nearly three decades in prison even after jurors acquitted him of killing a 71-year-old man.

Estes Jamone Walker, 19, was sentenced Tuesday, May 13, by Genesee Circuit Judge Geoffrey Neithercut guilty of carjacking, first-degree home invasion and unarmed robbery following a four-day trial stemming from the death of 71-year-old William E. Bullock.

Bullock, who was severely beaten during the home invasion, died three months later after he was released from the hospital.

Walker was sentenced to 23 years, nine months to 50 years in prison on the carjacking charge and six to 20 years in prison for the home invasion conviction. The sentences will be served consecutively.

A 10-15 year sentence for unarmed robbery will be served concurrently.

Officials say Bullock was severely beaten during the Jan. 11, 2013, attack at his home on West Dartmouth Street near Trumbull Avenue. The 71-year-old Bullock suffered face, head and neck injuries. Prosecutors also say he was strangled.