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Lega Nord formerly switches to new Le Pen/Wilders Alliance

Photo from a Lega Nord rally.

In order to receive a share of public funding, EU political groups need at least 25 members from at least seven different countries. The new Le Pen/Wilders “European Alliance For Freedom” [EAF] now has five formal members.

As predicted by this website, Lega Nord has switched from UKIP’s EFD to the EAF.

The parties that are now officially part of EAF are Front National, Dutch Party of Freedom, Vlaams Belang, Austrian Freedom Party, and Lega Nord.

The Swedish Democrats are expected to join as well. There are still several other potential members including Independent Greeks, Poland’s New Congress of the Right, Latvia’s National Alliance, and more.

UKIP’s EFD should have no problem maintaining it’s minimum seven countries.

UKIP’s EFD is expected to consist of:

UKIP, The Finn’s Party, The Danish People’s Party, A new Libertarian/Conservative Czech party, Dutch’s Right-Wing/Calvinist Reformed Party, the Lithuanian Order and Justice Party, and more.

UKIP is also negotiating with the Italian Five Star Movement, which obtained 17 of the Italian seats. If they join with UKIP’s 24 members, and 10 or so allies, the EFD would have a substantial presence.

Meanwhile the brand new Alternative for Germany, with 7 members, is in negotiations to join with the Tories. Suggesting they aren’t nearly as “right-wing” as the media has made them out to be.