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Myrtle Beach held hostage by Black Bike Week says mayor

The mayor of Myrtle Beach said that his city is held hostage by Black Bike Week. This is literally true. All efforts by private businesses and the city to curtail activities by thugs during the event has been met with lawsuits and relentless agitation by the NAACP.

The NAACP has emboldened the large thug element to be more aggressive and more violent each year.

The NAACP sued the city of Myrtle Beach as well as numerous private business. For years they have set up rapid response race pimp teams and hotline numbers. If a private business objects to some type of behavior, the NAACP instructs the offenders to cry “racism” and call them for backup.

There were six separate shootings, all close to each other in the areas where Black Biker Week events were taking place. The shootings left three dead and five injured.

The legacy of NAACP harassment and lawsuits is two young black males dead, one young black female dead, five others injured, and the stigmatizing of black people. At least of of the five was very seriously injured. Thanks to the NAACP, tourists from around the world are afraid to visit the city now. Tens of millions in tourism dollars could be lost.

While Black Biker Week has been associated with violence for years, this year vastly exceeded everything else.

The NAACP needs to be held accountable for defending and emboldening the violent thug element at the event. However the media is completely censoring the fact that it was an all black event. There are several different neutral sounding pseudo-names for the event being used by the media. The media is censoring all mention of race.

The media is not going to hold the NAACP accountable, so we must do it. Facebook share and get this out on social media!