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NAACP directly involved in making Black Bike Week more violent


For years, the NAACP has tirelessly supported the criminal elements that come to Myrtle Beach Black Bike Week each year. They sued local businesses. They sued the city. They got the city of Myrtle Beach to force police officers to attend “cultural sensitivity” training. They have done everything possible to create the best environment for the criminal element to thrive. Now three people are dead and five are wounded.


The NAACP will again keep a close watch on the City of Myrtle Beach and local businesses this holiday weekend as annual Black Bike Week festivities commence.

For the fifth consecutive year, the NAACP will conduct Operation Bike Week Justice to monitor activities in the resort town during the annual Memorial Day weekend gathering of African American motorcycle enthusiasts. Throughout the weekend, NAACP teams will be monitoring police activity and treatment of black tourists, observing the practices of local businesses and watching traffic patterns.

In recent years, the NAACP and African Americans have filed and successfully settled federal discrimination lawsuits against the city of Myrtle Beach and area businesses for unequal treatment of Black Bike Week visitors compared to those who attend Harley Week, traditionally held one week earlier and a predominately white event.

Negotiated settlements have been reached with the City of Myrtle Beach, Damon’s Oceanfront and Barefoot Landing, Greg Norman’s Australian Grill and six other businesses.

“The NAACP remains vigilant in order to ensure all tourists are treated equally,” said NAACP Interim General Counsel Angela Ciccolo.  “When necessary, the NAACP will continue to pursue litigation to right these wrongs.”

“Any form of racial discrimination against Black Bike Week visitors will not be tolerated,” said NAACP Vice President of Stakeholder Relations Nelson B. Rivers, III, a native South Carolinian.  “Closing businesses or refusing to provide equal services to Black Bike Week visitors that are provided to visitors at other times of the year, not only makes no economic sense, it is against the law.”

As a result of the NAACP’s hard work, several restaurants that were closed in prior years have opened their doors and welcomed black bikers. And now, the Myrtle Beach Police Department uses the same traffic pattern on Ocean Boulevard from 29th Avenue North to 17th Avenue South, during the times of 2:00 p.m. to midnight on Harley and Black Bike weekends.  Under a settlement agreement, the Myrtle Beach Police Department must also train all officers deployed during Black Bike Week on policing crowds and cultural sensitivity.