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New random black on white hate crime murders in AL, MS, MI, and London


Virtually all violent interracial crimes involving a white and a black have a white victim and a black perpetrator. This is something the media not only hides, they actively attempt to portray the opposite.

London, England:

A thirty two year old black female brutally attacked a sixty year old white man with a shopping cart at a London mall. The victim was injured and died later at the hospital.

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Yazoo City, Mississippi:

Fifty-seven year old Ricky Saxton was working at a scrap yard when he was attacked and killed execution style by a black male.

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Huber, Alabama:

Two black males forced their way into the home of an eighty year old white man and beat him to death. Some trivial items were stolen.

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Clinton Township, MI:

A white man working at a Party Store is murdered at random by a group of black males wearing masks.

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