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Single white mother racially harassed in black neighborhood, then her house is burned down in arson

One of the suspects. The media in Dayton and Cincinnati absolutely, positively do not want you to know the perps are black.

A young white female, with two young kids, is relentlessly harassed by black teenagers for months. When she calls the police, her house is burned down. The only reason she wasn’t home at the time is that her family begged her to flee the house.

Police believe that the perps thought the victims were still in the house when they set it on fire. The victims fled through a back window and left town out of view of the perps. This was an attempted murder!

One firefighter was injured and hospitalized, because they rushed in believing people were still home.

Two black males who live nearby have been arrested.

Middletown is covered by the Dayton and Cincinnati media markets. The local media is CENSORING the race of the perps across the board. There are over a dozen local articles and every single one censors all details about the perps. We know the perps are black. The name of one of the suspects has been released. We found his profile online. It also took place in one of the blackest areas of Middletown. The second perp is 17, and police are withholding his name.

If the races were reversed, this would be the biggest news story in the USA. Instead it is a “hush crime” and most local media outlets are completely censoring the race of the perps.

This story screams “racially motivated hate crime.” That is why the media so so desperate to hide the fact that the killers are black. The victim bravely conducted interviews with media on camera. Yet almost every news segment and published article contains no picture of her. Why? Because she is very young and physically attractive. The media knows a story about black males racially terrorizing a young beautiful white lady with young children, and then trying to burn them alive in their home, would become a rallying cry against black on white crime. It doesn’t fit in their agenda.

One media outlet characterized five months of harassment, which includes hitting the house with pellet guns and flares, as “a dispute with juveniles.” The two suspects that were arrested are 17 and 18.

The media doesn’t want people to know about this. They aren’t going to report the whole story. It is up to YOU to get the story out. Facebook share, tweet, and post on every other social media site and forum that you use.

There might be much more to this story. Another home was burned to ground in Middletown, Ohio two weeks ago. A white female victim was killed in that fire. Investigators say that fire was definitely arson. The woman’s death is being investigated as a homicide.

Racial hate crime arson. A young mother and two small children could have been killed. But let’s hear more about Donald Sterling.