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Six years for kicking a young woman in the head in unprovoked racial hate crime

Last June, a 28 year old white female was walking in San Francisco, when she was attacked at random by black males in a racial hate crime.

The attack was part of a string of black on white racially motivated mob attacks that occurred the same night.

Surveillance video captured one of the perps brutally kick her in the head while she was on the ground. He should have been charged with attempted murder. The victim told the court she suffers from severe stress and has been suicidal since the incident.

If the races had been reversed, it would have been the biggest news story in America. Instead it was a “hush crime” and media called the attack “a robbery.”

The perp was slapped on the wrist with six years. In California, that means he could be out in three years complete with new gang affiliations and new training for committing even worse crimes.

Two more perps are slated to be sentenced next week.