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SPLC tries to capitalize on half-Chinese spree killer who targeted blonde women

Elliot Rodgers is a self-described “Eurasian.” His father, Peter Rodger, is a British born Hollywood big shot. Some claim he is Jewish, but we don’t have a solid source. His father is married to Soumaya Akaaboune, a Moroccan born French actress.

His biological mother is Chinese, who worked as a nurse in Malaysia.

Rodger was an extreme narcissist that referred to himself as “drop dead gorgeous, fabulous, stylish, exotic gem among thousands of rocks” and “a superior Alpha male.”

This has not prevented the SPLC, and extreme left-wing fundraising hustle, from attempting to profit on the slaughter. They are calling the perp an extreme misogynist and “racist” while completely omitting the fact that he is a self-described “Eurasian” who targeted white blonde women.

The SPLC has posted three articles now on their fundraising site.

Some reports say the death toll has increased to nine victims.