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Suspect arrested in racial hate crime double murder in Bossier City, LA

a_girlPolice say Brandan Butler, a black male, killed two different single white mothers last Mother’s Day. Police say he was friends with both victims.

If the races were reversed, this would be the biggest news story in America. Instead it was a hush crime.

Police say the suspect attended a memorial for the victims.


26-year-old Brandan Santrell Butler of Bossier City was taken into custody shortly after 2 a.m. Saturday by authorities in Bogalusa, Louisiana and arrested on a warrant from Bossier City Police charging him with two counts of first degree murder in the deaths of 24-year-old Jacqueline Darlene Beadle and 26-year old Karyl Ann Cox.

Bossier City spokesman Mark Natale says detectives with the Bossier City Police Department’s Violent Crimes Unit secured the warrant overnight for Butler’s arrest after evidence they obtained in the course of their investigation linked Butler to the murders.

Residents in the area say they are glad someone is locked up. “Its difficult,” says one neighbor. “It’s been extremely difficult, knowing that not only did we lose two beautiful young women, everyone in the area lost their sense of security. We’re scared every night.” That fear lead this woman to ask us to not reveal her identity.

She told KSLA News 12 that Butler attended the victims’ memorial on Thursday. “The audacity to come to it knowing that… after you had done something like that, I wouldn’t be able to face myself after doing something like that much less the family and friends of the people I did it to. It’s horrible.”

Police believe Butler, who was friends with the women, shot them both inside the house and then drove away from the scene in Karyl Ann Cox’s car which police later found parked in the 4800 block of Sheryl Street.