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The state with the worst performing whites has the lowest black/white academic racial gap

The government has finally found a way to close the racial gap. Just use the worst performing white people.

This chart shows the black – white racial gap in the standardized NAEP mathematics tests.

Note the average gap, 29 points. Now note the gap of 42 points in Illinois. This is because you have overachieving majority white public schools in Southern Illinois with high standards. In Chicago, you have majority non-white schools run by left-wing race hustlers and standards are non-existent.

But alas, the egalitarians have found a way to reduce the gap. In West Virginia, the state with the worst performing white people, the gap is only 12 points.

Black students in West Virginia scored two points higher than the black average. This is because most blacks in west Virginia are Mulattoes. Whites scored 16 points lower. This is due to low standards and the fact that the many of the brightest people have left West Virginia over the past several decades.

Nationwide, the Black-White performance gap in academia is gigantic. A new Federal website shows it all. In fact,  the black-white performance gap in reading has been steadily increasing since the 90s!

Another detail the website exposes is that children of whites who did not attended any college, outperform the children of blacks who have college degrees.