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Village People latest to be declared racist

Village People. Now officially “racist” in Fargo, ND.

The Village People are now officially “racist” at Bennet Elementary in Fargo, North Dakota.

First graders were slated to sing the 1978 hit “YMCA” by the the disco band Village People. The school says a lone parent complained. When the story first hit social media, people assumed the complaint was over the band’s ambiguously homosexual themes.

Instead it was because of “racism.” The school officially declared one of the costumes worn by the band, an American Indian inspired outfit, to be “racist.”

Ironically the member of the band who wears the Indian costume is half Dakota Sioux, the Indian tribe based in North Dakota.

So the school is protecting local Indians from “racism” by shunning the person who may be the most famous entertainer to be related to a local tribe.