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Who is behind massacre in Odessa?

Odessa Oblast

Odessa is a key district in the current regional conflict in Eastern Europe.  This is because the breakaway Moldovan district of Transnistria is landlocked by the Ukrainian district of Odessa. Transnistria is seeking to become part of Russia. If Odessa also became part of Russia, Transnistria would suddenly be located on the border of Russia itself.

The Ukrainian government is claiming Russian separatists inside the building were throwing molotov cocktails and inadvertently caught the building on fire. The US government, on record, has spent $5 Billion to fund radical groups to destabilize the Ukraine. This does not include money that was used from classified budgets.


This video purports to show a Ukrainian militant firing on ethnic Russians inside the Trade Unions building that burned down.

This video purports to show an ethnic Russian militant using the Odessa police as cover to fire on Ukrainian protesters.