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Another white motorist brutally beaten in racial hate crime mob attack in Detroit

From Channel 7 Detroit…

A man is recovering in the hospital after, he says, he was beaten following a traffic accident.

It happened Saturday afternoon.

Nate Szczerbinski says he got into the accident while trying to turn around after going the wrong way down a one way street in Detroit.

Szczerbinski says he was beaten and kicked by three men who hurled racial slurs at him.

“I realized I was in trouble.. when they started calling me names and stuff,” Szczerbinski told 7 Action News. “I couldn’t run. I couldn’t really protect myself. I would’ve been just asking for more trouble. So, I just prayed to God that something would happen.”

Szczerbinski also says two teenage girls tried to help, but that he told them to stay back, because he feared the men would turn on them.

We’re told a crowd gathered, but most did nothing to help Szczerbinski, the father of a five-month-old girl.

Szczerbinski suffered a number of injuries including a fractured eye socket. He was set to undergo surgery Monday afternoon, but doctors are delaying the surgery until facial swelling goes down.