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BOMBSHELL: Obama calls for another half Billion in aid for terrorist groups in Syria

ISIS rolls across the Iraq border in Toyota trucks provided by the US and British governments. Obama wants another half billion to fund genocidal Sunni militia groups in Syria.

Even as ISIS rolls across Iraq with American provided Toyota trucks and anti-tank missiles, the Obama regime wants to continue funding radical Sunni Jihadists.

The BBC reports that Obama is asking for a half billion for Sunni Jihadists in Syria.

US backed Jihaditst networks include the Free Syrian Army [FSA] and the Syrian Revolutionary Front [SRF]. The United States provides these fighters with cash, equipment, and weapons. Many end up fighting for ISIS and Al-Nusra after receiving US aid. In fact, a total of 29 different groups, many of whom receive direct US aid, have signed a pledge supporting Al-Nusra. The group Al-Nusra is the official Al-Qaeda affiliate in Syria.

US backed FSA and SRF have committed major acts of genocide against the Christian and Shiite populations. One FSA leader had his picture taken with John McCain, and was then videotaped cutting out a man’s heart and eating it a few months later.

FSA Jihadists have been videotaped massacring police officers and government employees in the city of Aleppo. Even doctors and nurses have been targeted for random murder, since they are government employees.

In fact, as Al-Nusra and ISIS have grown, the FSA and SRF networks appear to be melting away. A nine person panel of FSA leaders that is responsible for distributing money and weapons, resigned in mass the day after ISIS captured Mosul.

With the help of the United States government, Sunni Jihadists have murdered thousands of Christian and Shiite civilians in Syrian. As many as a million people have fled the country, overwhelming Syria’s neighbors.

Obama claims that if the United States continues to shower Jihadists with money, then they will counter ISIS and Al-Nusra. In reality, much of this money will directly benefit ISIS and Al-Nusra. Obama continues to create and fund enemies and then declare that the US must fight those same enemies months later.

Obama has created a shocking scenario where our enemy in Iraq and our ally in Syria are the same person.