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Facebook brings back mass censorship of conservative viewpoints

Facebook has returned to a policy of censoring conservative viewpoints. Multitudes of conservative groups are being deleted without explanation once again.

The extremely popular American White History Month page with over 314,000 followers may be the biggest target. Facebook deleted the page without questions and has also deleted repeated attempts to restart the page.

The fact that Facebook would deleted a page with hundreds of thousands of supports shows that no one is safe.

Facebook has a history of deleting conservative pages and groups since the founding of the site.

Facebook seemed to scale down censorship efforts in late 2013 after gaining a bad reputation. It was also revealed that Facebook operated censorship centers in third world countries. Hundreds of people are paid $1.50 an hour to censor Facebook status updates.

The largest number of Facebook censors are employed in the country of Morocco, which is a Muslim country. It was widely noted during 2013 that thousands of Facebook users who criticized Islam were having their accounts suspended or deleted.