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UKIP achieves seven members for EU Group

Three former allies and the new German party AfD all joined the Tory EU Group to appease the media. AfD, the Dutch Reform Party, the Danish People’s Party, and the Finn’s Party all grovelled to the media and joined the neo-conservative Tory led ECR in order to prove they weren’t “racist.”

Nevertheless, UKIP’s EFD has been able to put together a collection of MEPs from the minimum seven countries. The two MEPs from the anti-immigration party Swedish Democrats, one centrist MEP from Latvia, and Joëlle Bergeron who was elected as a Front National MEP from France.

The Front National came in first place in France and won 24 of the 74 French seats. However, Joëlle Bergeron, one the new Front National MEPs immediately made pro-immigration statements after winning as a Front National candidate. She was asked to resign from the party.

UKIP’s EFD now has 48 MEPs. 24 are from UKIP and 17 are from the Italian Five Star Movement.

The right-wing group dominated by the Front National, EAF, added the new Polish party Congress of the New Right. EAF now has members from six countries. They still need at least one MEP from a seventh country to get a share of public funding. The EAF stands at 41 official members right now.

EAF could add a Bulgarian MEP from the new

Meanwhile the British Tory party has increased their group to 68 members from 14 countries. The Tories and the Ulster Unionist Party account for 20 seats. The other 48 are mostly from parties that are much more right-wing than the Tory party. The ECR has become the “I’m not a racist” EU group.

As it stands, the make up of the EU is as follows:
EPP: 221 (Mostly Center-Right/Some Right-Wing)
ECR: 69 (20 British Neo-Cons + 48 Mostly Right-Wing parties)
EFD: 48 (Mostly UKIP + 5 Star Movement)
EAD: 41 (Hardline Right-Wing)

NI: 9 Unafiliated Far-Right Parties

Right of Center: 388 51.5%
Centrist: 68 9%
Leftist/Communist: 296 39.5%

The EU Parliament swung significantly to the right, even if some of the right-wing parties are already showing a striking lack of courage.