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Trial underway for horrific racial torture murder of beautiful California college student

Jamaal Prince is going on trial for the horrific torture murder of a beautiful Berkeley college student in 2012.

The murder is a textbook “hate crime.” Jamaal Prince is accused of torturing Jennifer Kingeter to death for refusing to have sex with him. The perp is black and the victim is a beautiful white female. If the races were reversed, this would be national news and the trial of the year. Instead it is another “hush crime.”

Kingeter was hanging out with a male childhood friend, who invited Jamaal Prince to hang out with the pair in an Oakland apartment. Jamaal Prince admits to slashing Kingeter hundreds of times with a knife, but says it was self-defense.


The trial of a Berkeley man accused of stabbing to death a 26-year-old woman in late 2012 began Wednesday morning in Oakland Superior Court.

Wednesday afternoon, a key witness for the prosecution failed to appear, and Judge Jon Rolefson issued a warrant for his arrest. If Julius Johnsoncannot be found, the prosecution plans to read his testimony from an earlier hearing into the record for consideration by jurors.

In brief opening statements, attorneys for both sides said they believeJamaal Prince, 36, killed Jennifer “Jessica” Kingeter of Berkeley in the bathroom of an Oakland apartment in December 2012.

But, while Alameda County deputy district attorney Danielle Hilton told the jury Prince brutally attacked Kingeter after she refused to have sex with him, defense attorney Al Thews said Prince was high on cocaine and alcohol, and believed he was defending himself after Kingeter stabbed him in the leg.

Prosecutor Hilton, on the other hand, said Prince had “cornered” Kingeter in the bathroom. She told jurors Kingeter was alive when “the defendant tortured her,” by slashing and stabbing her “hundreds” of times, “as she fought for her life.”

When police found her body, she was wearing pants, but her shirt had been pulled down to her waist.

Hilton told jurors Kingeter had come out that night with plans to hang out with Johnson, a friend she had known since childhood. They met up in downtown Berkeley with Prince — whom Kingeter did not know — then headed to an apartment in Oakland where they “partied,” before going out to buy some cocaine.

The group returned to the apartment, Hilton said, with everybody getting along.

“Then it changed,” she said. As Kingeter and Johnson hung out on the couch, ignoring Prince, Hilton continued, he went into the kitchen, got a serrated knife from a drawer and came back into the living room.