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Race War: Black power militants storm restaurants and harass white patrons

Recently MSNBC called on black people to “go to white safe havens” and “make white people feel uncomfortable.”

Today, a mob of black power militants stormed into multiple Manhattan Island cafes screaming anti-white racial abuse and manhandling white people. Then they proudly gloated about the attack on social media.

The mob targeted at least five restaurants in Manhattan Island.

Penelope, “Comfort Food”

Pershing Square Cafe, “American Bistro”

Lallise, “Mediterranean Wine Bar”

Resto, “Hip Belgium Gastropub”

Maialino, “Roman Style”

All five restaurants are in close proximity to each other. The area is about 70% white.

One female thug posted a picture of a crying white female on the internet to brag using the hashtag #whitetears. Many of the ringleaders proudly posted close ups with captions like “disturbing the peace.” It is clear that they have no fear of arrest.

The mob posted pictures on twitter using the #blackbrunchnyc and #blackbrunch. Immediately after, people started posting parody pictures on the same hashtags.

Ironically, many of the attackers specifically claimed they were targeting “white liberals.”

New York City has been a hot bed for racially motivated mob attacks on white people for the past several years.