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Former Black Texas A&M Murders Random White Jogger In Dallas


By Hunter Wallace

As we saw with Florida State’s De’Andre Johnson, college football coaches are notorious for recruiting black thugs who fall into a spiral of violence.

My own alma mater, Auburn University, has seen two fatal shootings involving black Auburn football players at the same apartment complex in the last few years. Several members of the 2010 Auburn national championship team were arrested for burglary and kicked out of the program.

Usually, black football players are arrested for burglary, theft, or simple assault, but this story of a former Texas A&M player hacking to death a random White bicyclist with a machete beats anything I have ever seen in sheer brutality:

“Former Texas A&M football player Thomas Linze Johnson, 21, was arrested Monday for the slashing on a Dallas trail. Police said the 2012 dropout confessed to the killing.

A former Texas A&M football player as been identified by police as the machete murderer who hacked a jogger to death on a trail Monday, to the horrifying witness of a passing cyclist.

Former wide receiver Thomas Johnson, 21, allegedly admitted to the brutal slaying that was apparently carried out in anger, Dallas News reported citing local police. …”

We last saw Thomas Johnson catching passes from Johnny Manziel when Texas A&M beat Alabama on the road in Tuscaloosa. It was an incredible game that earned Manziel the nickname “Johnny Football.” For all his problems, Manziel went on to earn the Heisman Trophy that year and later to play in the NFL as a quarterback for the Cleveland Browns.

Not every black football player turns out like Cam Newton.