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Illegal alien charged with five horrific murders in LA

by Colin Evander

The man charged burning five people to death in Los Angeles is an illegal alien from Honduras. He was caught by the border patrol in 2012. However, the Obama administration ordered the border patrol to release him into the public. The Obama administration has a “catch and release” policy because the goal is to transform the US electorate via open borders and 3rd world immigration.

He has also been arrested multiple times after that, but always released back into society. Authorities say he purposely killed five people in a deadly fire.

From LA Times…

A Honduran citizen charged with murdering five homeless people in an arson fire was in the United States illegally and had been arrested three times in the months before the blaze in a vacant Westlake building where transients were squatting, officials said Friday.

Johnny Josue Sanchez, 21, started the fire to avenge a beating he took in a dispute over occupying a room in the building, a law enforcement source said.

Sanchez was among a group of people arrested by border patrol agents in 2012 for illegally entering the country at the southeastern California border, officials said. He was released a week later after agents determined that he had no previous immigration violations or criminal history, officials said.