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Why you should give to the CofCC.

The CofCC is the only serious nationwide activist group that sticks up for white rights!

Just check out this four page pdf photo spread of CofCC activities from recent issue of our paper.

We defeated ADL-sponsored internet censorship in public libraries!

The left-wing ADL and others make internet filtering software that blocks right-wing websites, including These anti-free speech filters are bundled with anti-porn filters to get them on to people’s computers. The American Library Association(ALA) had made a policy that public libraries should not use these political filters. However, by 2005 many libraries had. Some intentionally and some had simply turned them on not knowing what they did. Many libraries disabled the filter when requested by CofCC members, but some did not. In 2006, the CofCC sued four St. Louis area libraries in Federal court that refused to disable these anti-free speech filters.

The lawsuit was a huge victory for the CofCC and for freedom of speech in general. The ALA mass e-mailed a press release to public libraries and University libraries all over the country about our lawsuit. At the time, this resulted in a record breaking high traffic day for as libraries across the country checked to see if our website was accessible from their computers.

Since then, a few libraries have activated these filters. However, the library managers have always immediately complied with requests to disable the filter when shown a copy of the ALA press release (linked below). Simply print it out and take it to the library administrator.

View CofCC Press Release.

We led the way in public protests against illegal immigration east of the Mississippi River.

The North Carolina CofCC began conducting public demonstrations against illegal immigration in the late 90’s. The CofCC was the first group ever to do this east of the Mississippi. The most memorable was in Charlotte in 2001. Over 150 demonstrated and the Charlotte Observer ran a full two page photo spread of the demonstration. Pictures of NC CofCC demonstrations began to appear as stock photos of immigration protests in newspapers and local news affiliates all over the east coast.

In 2006 the CofCC was once again leading the fight against the Senate mass amnesty bill. This time the SC CofCC held the largest rally east of the Mississippi River in opposition to the Senate Amnesty Bill. Over 1,000 people massed in downtown Greenville. CofCC president Tom Dover spoke at the rally along with local radio talk show host Russ Cassel, and CofCC activist Dr. Carter. The Amnesty bill never passed, and now even Democrats are scared to vote for it.

Only group advocating for “white rights” that attracts elected figures as speakers.

At our 2009 national conference we had a State Senator speak. This despite the onslaught of hatred and venom spewed at us by the “mainstream” media. In fact we continue to have numerous elected officials, important authors, talk show hosts, active pastors, and other important people speak to the CofCC.

Membership in the CofCC is only $25 a year and includes a subscription to our quarterly paper and several other bonuses. Click here to join online via credit card.

All new members will receive:
1. Membership Card
2. Booklet on the MLK Holiday by Dr. Sam Francis & Sen. Jesse Helms
3. Issue 7 of the Occasional Papers from the Conservative Citizens Foundation
4. FREE DVD: The Frankfurt School Watch video clip.
5. Council Reporter Newsletter: Once a year mailing for National Conference.
6. Subscription to the Citizens Informer, published quarterly.

Free DVD with new membership. Each new member will get a 30 minutes DVD on the history of the Frankfurt School of Political Correctness.

The Frankfurt School is virtually unknown outside academic and philosophical circles, yet its pervasive and corrosive influence has been devastating on Western society. In the 1920’s a small group of Marxist intellectuals assembled in Frankfurt, Germany to theorize why the world-wide Communist revolution did not materialize. In an attempt to explain the failures of Communism, they advanced a new theory which was a fusion of Marxist social, political and economic doctrine with selected concepts of Freudian Psychology. The new theory, known as Cultural Marxism, promoted radical Feminism, sexual liberation of all kinds, as well as radical multiculturalism. The Counter-Culture Movement of the 1960s, women’s liberation, gay, black, and other ethnic studies are all Frankfurt School creations. Modern day Political Correctness is Cultural Marxism.

Click the below link to view a snippet of the Frankfurt School Documentary. Upon joining the Council of Conservative Citizens, you will receive the complete documentary that explains how Political Correctness was established in America. Learn how a small group of Marxist revolutionaries penetrated and poisoned America’s most prestigious Universities. Learn how Political Correctness metastasized to all of America’s major institutions. Learn the real reason for the Progressive media. Learn how the media and Progressive institutions use Critical Theory as a weapon against traditional Western values.

This documentary is packed with historical facts that are known to only a select few. It is too important to miss! Please join today!

[youtube hh2DdJLycPM]

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Why you should join the CofCC!