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The American Middle Class Is Shrinking Everywhere

The staggering costs of globalization

William Johnson Appears On CNN

Whites are so afraid to be proud of their heritage

Black/Latino race war explodes at LA School

An increasingly common sight in American public schools

Minneapolis man brutally beaten in hate crime mob attack

Racial hatred may have been only motive

Surprise. Violence at the Obama Market

What are the odds???

Wall Street: We’re With Her

¡Jeb! and Rubio donors on Wall Street rally to Hillary

London Has Fallen

London elects its first Muslim mayor

A Japanese citizen talks about White Guilt

Japanese shocked and appalled by the concept of White Guilt

Sheldon Adelson Boards The Trump Train

Seated next to David Duke

CNN: White working class has been left behind

CNN acknowledges that white people are suffering

English politicians denouncing English flag as racist

Paul Joseph Watson on St. George’s Day

Anti-Trump Groups Spent $75.7 Million on 64,000 Negative Ads

Anti-Trump movement has been biggest financial failure in history of US politics

The End Is Near

Republican primary reaches tipping point

ADL Triggered By Trump’s Use of Controversial “America First” Slogan

Israel First would be fine though

Anti-Trump Protesters Turn Violent In California

Anti-Trump protesters lose it again

This is what a Social Justice Warrior looks like

Paul Joseph Watson on Social Justice Warriors

Anti-Trump thugs violently attack women and children in Anaheim

Two little girls assaulted with pepper spray by far-left thugs

Steven Crowder humiliates Social Justice Warriors

Louder with Crowder

Black Lives Matter Protester Arrested At Confederate Memorial Day Event In Montgomery, AL

Serial Black Lives Matter provocateur disrupts peaceful Southern heritage rally

House Republicans Remove 50 State Flags

Some state flags are politically incorrect

White Evangelicals Adopt Black Embryo Triplets

Evangelical Christianity is being poisoned by self-hating Whites

Cuckservatives Celebrate Harriet Tubman Replacing Andrew Jackson On $20 Bill

Harriet Tubman a gun-slinging, Christian, African-American Republican

Tennessee State Legislators Pull Transgender Bathroom Bill

Republican Battle Flag raised in Tennessee

Huffington Post: Farewell To A Pro-Slavery, Genocidal Monster

Andrew Jackson replaced by a woman on $20 bill

North Carolina Is Walking Back Its Religious Freedom Bill

North Carolina is cracking under pressure

Die Whitey Die

Charlie LeDuff visits Garbutt, NY

VICE News lies about racial make-up of city to invent anti-black persecution

Driving While Black documentary is based on a hoax

Norwegian Man Raped By Somalian Refugee, Haunted By Guilt and Responsibility After His Attacker Is Deported

“I’m part of the world, and the world is unfortunately unfair”

BOOM! Bill Clinton Denounces #BlackLivesMatter

BLM shows up to protest Bill Clinton and gets a surprise

The Unbearable Whiteness of Baseball

NY Times: American baseball is hideously White