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Black Power Militants targeting immigrant owned businesses

Chicago Black Power militants chant RACE FIRST in front of immigrant owned gas station

Ford Announces It Is Moving All Small Car Production To Mexico

Sending Michigan jobs to Mexico would boost corporate profits

50 Black militants hold heavily armed marched in St. Louis

Black Power activists wave rifles and chant Black Power

Bill Clinton compares Hillary to a demon

Says her work ethic is like that of a demon

Wikileaks: 100k Hillary documents to come

The case against Hillary can not be ignored.

Goldman Sachs Bans Employees From Contributing To Trump-Pence

Hillary-Kaine donations still fine though

Tribute To Phyllis Schalfly (R.I.P.)

A Tribute to Phyllis Schlafly, 1924-2016

CNN Confirms Math Is Racist

Big Data collides with Social Justice

Hillary’s Health

Hillary’s health issues are increasingly obvious

ISIS Attacks Denmark

Police targeted again

Where Is Hillary?

Partying with the donor class

AfD just became a major political party using anti-immigration platform

A real alternative finally emerges in Germany

French Female Police Officer Stabbed In The Throat In Toulouse

“Because she represents France”

SPLC Labels White Lives Matter a Hate Group

White Lives Matter is hate, Black Lives Matter is love

The Death of Brittanee Drexel

White teen gang raped, shot, fed to the alligators

Jerusalem Post lays out Soros’ plan for GLOBAL CHAOS

Soros wants to destroy all Western Democracies

German Girls Are Getting Temporary “No” Tattoos To Ward Off Muslim Rapists In Swimming Pools

Muslim refugees continue to enrich Angela Merkel’s Germany

Mob Chanting “Black Lives Matter” Viciously Assaults Whites In Akron, OH

Whites attacked by mob screaming “Black Lives Matter”

FBI Investigating Possible ISIS Terrorist Attack In Roanoke, VA

Muslim screaming Allahu Akbar stabs two in Roanoke, VA

Driving Through Detroit At Night

The Black Undertow knocks out civilization

Texas Secessionists Gaining Momentum

40% of Texans ready to secede if Hillary wins

The Nationalist Party

65 percent of Whites would consider supporting a nationalist third party

Trump Focuses on Economy, Terrorism, and Law-and-Order In Big Policy Speeches

Trump continues to give policy speeches

Serbian Nationalists Protest Joe Biden

Serbian Nationalists chant “Vote for Trump!”

Tim Pool: Why I’m Pulling Out of Milwaukee

Racial tension is worse than Ferguson

#LyingPress Attempts To Justify Milwaukee

The oppressed “rebelled” or something

CNN is now officially a FAKE NEWS site

CNN shameless pumps out completely fake news

Affirmative Action cop drives drunk, wrecks, goes on anti-white rampage

Pulled her pants down and pissed in the street during rampage

Black mob shuts down Cedar Rapids, IA Sweet Corn Festival

3rd year in a row that black mob violence ruined Sweet Corn Festival

White teenager shot. White reporters attacked in Milwaukee

Famous Ferguson reporter says it is too dangerous for him to report from Milwaukee