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Top 10 Reasons There Will Never Be A Black Ethnostate

Blacks don’t want an ethnostate

#BlackLivesMatter mob brutally attack police with bricks and rebar

Molotov Cocktail, bricks, bottles, rebar thrown at police in MInnesota

Obama: It Is “Very Hard To Untangle The Motives” of Micah X.

Dallas shooter motives are still very unclear

Racially motivated shooting spree in Bristol, TN

Black man kills 1, wounds 3 in racially motivated shooting spree

Flashback: Black Sniper killed 5 cops, 4 civilians in 1973

Media ignores racially motivated 1973 black on white police massacre

Flashback: Armed New Black Panthers Threaten To Shoot Texas Cops

Armed NBPP members have publicly threatened to murder cops on multiple occasions

Law Enforcement Memorial Flags

Thin Blue Line Flags

Harry Potter Infiltrates Skinhead Neo-Nazi Group In New Hollywood Movie

Undercover FBI agent thwarts attempt to build dirty bomb

7 Mexicans arrested for racially motivated firebomb rampage in East LA

Mexican gang wanted to ethnically cleanse neighborhood of blacks.

Hate crime attacks on white graduates rock Denmark

Random white female graduates sprayed with acid in Denmark, many more attacked

Somali Refugees Terrorize Upscale Minneapolis Neighborhood

Somali mob threatens to rape women

Baton Rouge Might Be The Next Ferguson

Alton Sterling shooting in Baton Rouge eclipses Tupelo

Crooked Hillary Cleared By FBI

Won’t face charges over email scandal

European Self-Hating Craziness

Racial and Cultural Genocide in Europe

Canton, Ohio home attacked in racially motivate hate crime

Bricks and racial slurs hurled at home of white family in mixed neighborhood

Tupelo Selected As The Next Ferguson

The media is attempting to plunge Tupelo, MS into Ferguson-style chaos

Austria Presidential Election Annulled

Austria will hold a second vote for president

Why Trump Is Routing The Free Traders

Because the returns of globalization are in

Pentagon Embraces Transgender Soldiers

Pentagon ends ban on transgender troops

Random hate crime attack using feces

Another black on white hate crime attack in New York City

Foreign Policy: It’s Time For The Elites To Rise Up Against The Ignorant Masses

A Cuck-Left alliance could save globalization and thwart nationalism

Trump’s Trade and Jobs Speech

Trump slams free trade and globalization in major policy speech

Shocking new hate crime attacks in Missouri and Arkansas

Pregnant teen pulled through Wendy’s Drive-Thru window and beaten

Federal Judge: The Constitution Is Outdated, Judges Should Stop Studying It

The Constitution is a dead letter

Muslim extremist praises terrorist attacks while getting ready to board a plane in LA

That is what we do, we bomb people

Left-wing gang commits stabbing and other violent attacks in Sacramento

Violent left-wing gang has been promoted by the SPLC and Huffington Post

Censorship follows brutal racially motivate mob attack in Topeka, KS

White hate crime victims are routinely ignored

Trump Slams Crooked Hillary In Major Speech

Trump rolls out multipronged attack against Hillary Clinton

Four minutes of Obama praising Islam

Obama says his convictions guided by Islam

Boris Johnson on BREXIT: “Make Thursday Our Independence Day”

Boris Johnson debates London’s Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan