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Mob Chanting “Black Lives Matter” Viciously Assaults Whites In Akron, OH

Whites attacked by mob screaming “Black Lives Matter”

FBI Investigating Possible ISIS Terrorist Attack In Roanoke, VA

Muslim screaming Allahu Akbar stabs two in Roanoke, VA

Driving Through Detroit At Night

The Black Undertow knocks out civilization

Texas Secessionists Gaining Momentum

40% of Texans ready to secede if Hillary wins

The Nationalist Party

65 percent of Whites would consider supporting a nationalist third party

Trump Focuses on Economy, Terrorism, and Law-and-Order In Big Policy Speeches

Trump continues to give policy speeches

Serbian Nationalists Protest Joe Biden

Serbian Nationalists chant “Vote for Trump!”

Tim Pool: Why I’m Pulling Out of Milwaukee

Racial tension is worse than Ferguson

#LyingPress Attempts To Justify Milwaukee

The oppressed “rebelled” or something

CNN is now officially a FAKE NEWS site

CNN shameless pumps out completely fake news

Affirmative Action cop drives drunk, wrecks, goes on anti-white rampage

Pulled her pants down and pissed in the street during rampage

Black mob shuts down Cedar Rapids, IA Sweet Corn Festival

3rd year in a row that black mob violence ruined Sweet Corn Festival

White teenager shot. White reporters attacked in Milwaukee

Famous Ferguson reporter says it is too dangerous for him to report from Milwaukee

Sister of Milwaukee thug: PROTECT THE HAIR WEAVES!

Burn the white suburbs, save the hair weaves

“The Birth of a Nation” Star Addresses College Rape Trial

“The Birth of a Nation” writer and star accused of raping a woman while in college

BlackLivesMatter fueled race riot in Milwaukee

Thugs set fires and attack random white people

Whites Targeted In Milwaukee Riots

“They beating up all the White people”

Beautiful Milwaukee woman slaughtered in racially motivated hate crime

Media disingenuously calls it a robbery

Foreign Policy: There Are No Successful Black Nations

In search of a stable, prosperous, enlightened black nation

Recent Foiled ISIS Terrorist Plots

Jihadists caught preparing to strike against the West

Trump: Obama Founded ISIS

Trump calls out Obama on ISIS

The SPLC Ignores Violence Against Trump Supporters

Trump supporter murdered 2 miles from SPLC

Joe Biden threaten Obama over guns in 2008

Biden said Obama would never take his guns without a fight

Paul Ryan Wins His Primary Race

Paul Nehlen loses in Wisconsin

College student murdered while playing Pokeman Go in San Francisco

San Francisco man killed in apparent racial hate crime murder while playing Pokemon Go

Stronger Together: Orlando Terrorist Omar Mateen’s Father Attends Hillary Clinton Rally

Seddique Mateen announces #ImWithHer

Evan McMullin: #NeverTrump Standard Bearer Launches Independent Campaign

Vote for the #TruConservative candidate

Trump’s Economic Policy Speech

Trump revives America First economics

Video: Annihilate The Hateful Christians

Jihadist takes a lovely stroll in Belgium

Will Smith says he wants to cleanse America of Trump supporters

Will Smith has given hundreds of thousands to the Nation of Islam