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#NeverTrump Just Blew Its Best Chance To Stop Trump

The #NeverTrump trainwreck

Obama Supreme Court pick would make court 44.4% Jewish

American Supreme Court would be almost half Jewish

Cruz campaign lawyer is behind notorious Trump is Hitler ad

Should Ted Cruz disavow for tasteless campaign ad?

Another black beach riot in Miami

Mob attacked police and jumped on cars

Radical left attacking Trump supporters all over America

Political violence in the USA is almost exclusively committed by the left.

Heidi Cruz co-authored report calling for the merging of the USA and Mexico

Cruz co-authored horrifying CFR report that calls for the end of America as we know it

Is it racist to talk about crime statistics?

Portland Community College teaching students that it is racist to read crime statistics.

Every Texan

2016 marks the 180th anniversary of the Battle of The Alamo

Bernie Sanders: White People Don’t Know What It Is Like To Be Poor

Sanders gaffe explains why he is losing the Democratic primary

Glenn Beck Threatens To Assassinate Donald Trump

“If I was close enough and had a knife, the stabbing just wouldn’t stop.”

Trump Stumbles On H1-B Visas, Corrects Himself After Debate

Ted Cruz ate a booger

Trump Attacked By Mitt Romney, Wall Street, and Neocons

Someone is losing power

Mitt Romney praised Donald Trump as a job creator who stands up for American workers

Romney heaped high praise on Donald Trump back in 2012

Paul Ryan Denounces White Supremacists

The Party of Lincoln is about equality or something

Trump Could Win Texas

New Poll: Cruz +1

Pope Francis: Trump Isn’t a Christian

Pope Francis: Christians don’t support border walls

Hillary Clinton’s Speech on Systemic Racism

Promises $125 billion of gibsmedat for black vote

Trump Retains South Carolina Lead In Post-Debate Polls

Conventional wisdom proven wrong again

#DECLASSIFY End the 9/11 cover-up now!

Release the 28 pages!

MTV recites famous black invention myth hoaxes as factual

MTV video libels multitude of non-black inventors.

Nationalist Lawyers Score Major Victory For Gun Rights

4th Circuit ruling decimates gun control laws in Maryland and beyond

Obama says radical anti-Gay mosque is “all America.” Left-wing silent.

Left-wing gives Muslims a free pass to demonize homosexuals

The Truth About Modern Art

Joseph Paul Watson sounds off on modern art

Does Europe need a male revolution?

European society is breaking down because of mass rapes at the hands of illegal aliens

Trump’s 19th Century Foreign Policy

Trump seeks to end the US-led liberal international order

Rush Limbaugh: Nationalism and Populism Have “Overtaken” Conservatism

Rush Limbaugh explores Sam Francis

Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump

Sarah Palin to appear at Donald Trump rally at 5:00 PM CST

Latest video by Colin Flaherty

Media refuses to admit gap between white and black crime rates

Ted Cruz Celebrates Martin Luther King Day

Cruz calls MLK a “sojourner for justice”

Rand Paul Returns To Libertarian Roots

As time runs out, Rand Paul tries to channel his father