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Syrian Refugee Suicide Bomber Strikes Wine Bar In Ansbach, Germany

1 kebab dead, 11 injured

Machete Wielding Syrian Refugee Hacks Pregnant Woman To Death In Southern Germany

Germany under siege by refugee terrorists

Jackson woman disfigured in hate crime wrench attack

Woman was brutally beaten and maimed while laying in her bed

Michael Moore: 5 Reasons Trump Will Win

The Midwestern BREXIT is coming

Monster Confederate Flag raised in Danville, VA

30’x50′ Confederate Flag will fly on 119 foot pole

Munich Terrorist Attack

Iranian dual citizen opens fire, kills 9 including children, 21 wounded


WikiLeaks exposes massive corruption within the DNC

Hillary Clinton Picks Tim Kaine For Vice President

Progressives snubbed for another free trade moderate

Trump’s Nationalist Acceptance Speech

Trump sticks to his core message of National Populism in acceptance speech

13 year old female allegedly shoots elderly couple in St. Louis hate crime

Shooting may have been racially motivated

Secret 28 pages of 911 report partially released

Bush concealed Saudi links to 9/11

Bike trails becoming a center of black on white mob violence

And the media keeps censoring the attacks…

ISIS Claims Responsibility For German Train Attack By Afghan Refugee

ISIS releases video to prove their responsibility for the attack

Black males drag random white female from car in Columbus, Ohio

Black on white mob attacks continue in Columbus, Ohio

Huffington Post defends Dallas spree killer

Murdered cop had a hammer of Thor, therefore evil racist

Youtube + Media now censoring the black power activism of the shooter

Media ignores motive when Black and Muslims commit hate crime murders

Cosmo Setepenra Opens Fire, Six Cops Shot, Three Dead In Baton Rouge

3 police officers dead, 3 wounded

Gavin Long is a Black Power activist and author

Third BlackLivesMatter inspired mass shooting in less than two weeks.

Vanderbilt University Football Player Sentenced To 15 Years In Prison For Rape

“That’s for 400 years of slavery you b—-.”

Henry Rollins talks about being a victim of relentless racial bullying

Black Flag singer opens up about being tormented for the color of his skin

Donald Trump Picks Mike Pence For Vice President

Trump decides to play it safe

Donald Trump Galvanizes The White Resistance

The Trump Train shatters the reigning racial norms

Cologne Was Far Worse Than It Was Reported

1,200 German women were assaulted on New Year’s Eve

DNC Staffer Seth Rich Dead After Being Shot Multiple Times In Washington, DC

History repeats itself a year later

Top 10 Reasons There Will Never Be A Black Ethnostate

Blacks don’t want an ethnostate

#BlackLivesMatter mob brutally attack police with bricks and rebar

Molotov Cocktail, bricks, bottles, rebar thrown at police in MInnesota

Obama: It Is “Very Hard To Untangle The Motives” of Micah X.

Dallas shooter motives are still very unclear

Racially motivated shooting spree in Bristol, TN

Black man kills 1, wounds 3 in racially motivated shooting spree

Flashback: Black Sniper killed 5 cops, 4 civilians in 1973

Media ignores racially motivated 1973 black on white police massacre

Flashback: Armed New Black Panthers Threaten To Shoot Texas Cops

Armed NBPP members have publicly threatened to murder cops on multiple occasions