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Rand Paul Returns To Libertarian Roots

As time runs out, Rand Paul tries to channel his father

Victims of black on white murder

Facebook Memorial Page for victims of Black on White Murder

Live Thread: Sixth Republican Presidential Debate

Republican candidates face next to last chance to break out

Hate Crime? Newlyweds shot while sitting in their car

One dead, one wounded in execution style double shooting in Henderson, NC

Nimrata Randhawa Haley’s Official Republican Response To The State of the Union Address

Nimrata Haley gushes over how South Carolina took down the Confederate flag

Four Black on White Mob Killings that have already occurred in 2016

Media will not call any of them a hate crime

Hillary: I’m Swimming “In An Ocean” of White Privilege

Whites benefit from an “ocean of white privilege”

¡Jeb! Goes To War With Rubio

Circling the drain, ¡Jeb! is taking down Rubio with him

Economists “Savage” Trump’s Economic Agenda

Economists claims mass deportation and high tariffs would be a disaster

The FBI Didn’t Investigate The CofCC Over Charleston

The FBI ignored the SPLC’s hysteria over Charleston

Is Trump The New Pat Buchanan?

CNN interviews Pat Buchanan on Trump

The Oregon Standoff, Explained

Environmentalism run amok

¡Jeb! Claims Trump Is a “Dangerous Isolationist”

¡Jeb! now has highest unfavorable rating in the Republican field

Trump’s Nomination Would “Rip The Heart Out” of the GOP

Social justice cuckservative laments the rise of populism

Merkel’s “War on Women”: Yes, It Was Refugees

18 asylum seekers linked to Cologne attacks

Trump Goes Full Protectionist on China While Claiming To Be a “Free-Trader”

Trump calls for a 45 percent tariff on Chinese exports

MLK Conservatives Eschew Identity Politics

MLK conservatives go full liberal

Farrakhan: Trump is peeling back the onion skin of white civility

Louis Farrakhan fears that Donald Trump will encourage white people to stand up for themselves

Mayor of Cologne defends immigrants who went on violent rampage

Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker defends immigrant rape culture, blames victims

Trump: An Enabling Dissenter

It’s okay to be politically incorrect now … really

Rampaging Barbarian Horde Sexually Assaults Women In Cologne on New Year’s Eve

German police hunt for group of up to 1,000 men ‘of Arab and North African origin’

Obama Signs Gun Control Executive Orders

Obama sheds crocodile tears for victims of “gun violence”

Jared Taylor on Black Lives Matter

Politico: Why Obama Must Reach Out To Angry Whites

Obama should go on a tour and listen to disaffected White Americans

The Great Republican Revolt

Trump voters reject Classic Conservatism

Lindsey Graham Suspends Presidential Campaign

“My wing of the party has collapsed”

Paul Joseph Watson and Rebel Media on the Islamization of Europe

Invasion by radical Islam continues.

New Orleans City Council Votes To Remove Confederate Statues

Confederate monuments declared a “public nuisance”

Famous anti-racial profiling Federal Judge is brutally attacked by …

Woman who helped spark anti-racial profiling movement becomes victim of black on white violence

Pew: US Middle Class Is Losing Ground

The American middle class is in relative decline