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Four minutes of Obama praising Islam

Obama says his convictions guided by Islam

Boris Johnson on BREXIT: “Make Thursday Our Independence Day”

Boris Johnson debates London’s Muslim mayor Sadiq Khan

Refugees Sexually Assault Five Year Old White Girl In Twin Falls, Idaho

Twin Falls, ID rocked by refugee gang rape

Hate crime rampage in Philly by dark skinned men praising ISIS

White victims attacked by pro-ISIS mob

Did Muslim refugees sexually attack a five year old in Twin Falls, ID?

Idaho county prosecutor confirms investigation into alleged attack on a five year old girl

Orlando Terrorist Omar Mateen Pledges Allegiance to [Omitted]

Obama DOJ coddling Islam again

Illegal alien charged with five horrific murders in LA

Arrested OVER AND OVER, but always released

Dear Mr. Trump

Jared Taylor’s open letter to Donald Trump

Anti-Trump thug bashes photographer in the head with a rock

Radical left-wing thugs are getting more violent by the day

The Brexit Assassination

Labour MP assassinated in UK on eve of Brexit vote

Another survivor says Omar Mateen expressed solidarity with black race

Another media lie implodes

Potential terrorist James Howell supported Bernie Sanders on Facebook

Man arrested in West Hollywood with guns and tannerite is a Bernie Sanders supporter

Father of Orlando Jihadist is a politically active Muslim radical

Posted radical Islamic videos on youtube

Muslim terrorist slaughters scores of people at gay dance club in Orlando

Worst mass shooting in US history

Mitt Romney: Trump Will Change America With “Trickle-Down Racism”

Mitt Romney calls Trump a racist bigot

The Democratic Racial Divide

Bernie Sanders’ political revolution isn’t the future of the Democratic Party

Why Bernie Sanders Lost

Blacks and Hispanics couldn’t #FeelTheBern

Huffington Post Calls For Violence Against Trump Supporters

White privilege on the Left is silencing violent non-White resistance

Howard Stern talks about being the victim of hate crime violence

Howard Stern talks about what it was like to go to a mostly black school

Huffington Post green-lights violence against Trump supporters

Huffington Post publishes article praising left-wing violence, including mass murder!

#TruCons Insist Federal Judges Are Neutral and Objective

Ignore decades of Critical Race Theory taught at top law schools

Ramadan Terror Watch

With Ramadan 2016 bring an increase in Jihadist Terror?

The White Entitlement of Bernie Bros

Tribalism for me, but not for thee

Trump Refuses To Bow To Political Correctness on Federal Judges

By Hunter Wallace The cucks are outraged by Trump’s insistence that the Mexican federal judge in the Trump University case […]

Prominent Civil Rights Lawyer accused of keeping black people out of his club

Lawyer from Black Farmer civil rights scam accused of being racist against black people

Cartoon Of The Day

Media refuses to report on left-wing violence

Violent Democrats brutally attack random Trump supporters

The left-wing continues to get more violent by the day

Trump Supporters Mobbed, Spit On, Cornered, Assaulted In San Jose

But … But … Trump supporters are violent

Hillary’s Foreign Policy Speech Electrifies Neocons

“This is Rubio’s stump speech”

Labor Fears White Working Class Defections To Trump

Trump running even with Hillary in White union households