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My son is no killer, he only robs people!

Woman defends her son after brutal hate crime murder

VICE News on Tripoli

“Moderate” Sunnis are lining the streets with ISIS & Al-Qaeda flags

Jared Taylor interviewed by David Sheen

Jared Taylor does interview aimed at Israeli citizens

Genocidal, race war lyrics in mainstream rap music

Music advocating racially motivated murder is celebrated by the entertainment industry

Gangbangers execute two women during home invasion

Mother and daughter killed in Haines City, Fl

SA Deputy Agriculture Minister demands that media censor farm murders

South African Minister: Race has nothing to do with farm murders

Seattle woman survives having her throat slit

Seattle woman survives gruesome hate crime

Washington Times: George Soros funding Ferguson protests

Soros gave $33 million in one year to protest movements

Affirmative Action Gone Wild

How affirmative action is subverting our jails and prisons

Fourth black on white murder in St. Louis, in less than seven weeks

Violence continues to explode in St. Louis, MO

Police sketches made with only DNA

DNA used to create a picture of suspect in Columbia, SC double murder

ISIS continues to spread across Syria

Black flag Sunni Jihadists control territory in five countries

Pro-censorship mayor pressures billboard owner to remove political sign

No freedom of speech for political dissidents in Springville, AL

Bob Whitaker interviewed by Birmingham FOX affiliate

Censorship advocates demand that anti-diversity billboard be taken down

Papa John’s may fire woman for saving her own life

Papa John’s seems to think that pizza delivery drivers should allow themselves to be murdered

Syracuse Mayor appoints Nation of Islam leader to city school board

Man who advocates race war appointed to Syracuse, NY school board

Defend the Confederate flag this weekend in Lexington

Protest Lexington City & Washington and Lee University

16 yr old dies after black on white hate crime mob attack

16 year old beaten to death in group home in Carrick, PA

Gazette refuses to print picture, denounces it in absentia

Colorado Springs Gazette desperately tries to hold NAACP bombing claim together

Turkish president says Muslims “have never taken part in terrorist massacres”

Turkish president says it’s “racist” to say Muslim commit terrorist attacks

Autopsy of an NAACP bombing hoax

The “bomb damage” does not exist

White rapper “Macklemore” denounces himself for being white

Macklemore grovels to black rap star that says she wants to kill white people

Beautiful Mississippi woman slaughtered in racial hate crime

Mississippi woman killed in racial hate crime .. I mean “attempted purse snatching”

Black males execute random white college student in St. Louis, MO

Third racial hate crime murder in St., Louis in less than two months.

Thousands march against radical Islam in Munich

German media desperately lying about PEGIDA

40,000 march against Islam in Dresden

German establishment parties humiliated by PEGIDA

Major black rap star calls on blacks to kill white people with witchcraft

Rap star Azealia Banks calls on blacks to harness magic powers to kill white people

Charlie Hebdo writers once spearheaded effort to ban an entire political party

Charlie Hebdo was behind massive effort to ban National Front

Open letter to Colorado Springs Gazette

Concerning the NAACP “bombing” hoax

Demand a retraction in phony NAACP bombing story

Join us in demanding retractions for fake “NAACP Bombing” stories