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Swedish Social Democrats announce mass forced integration plan

Swedish Democrats wants to racially integrate every neighborhood in Sweden

Germany accuses Ukraine of lying about Civil War death toll

Death toll in US sponsored Ukrainian Civil War could be as high as 50,000

Second guilty plea in notorious hate crime sledgehammer murders

Perps stabbed teen girl, then killed her parents after she refused to have sex

Spree shooting at same mall that had a post Christmas riot.

Three people shot at Monroeville Mall

Perp took a selfie with his murder victim and posted it on snapchat

16 year old perp kills another teen execution style and posts evidence on snapchat

FBI places Jessica Chambers billboards in three states

Desperation sets in and case goes cold

Deep-Six: Media still refusing to admit celebrated “NAACP bombing” was a hoax

Only Michelle Malkin reported that it was a hoax

LA is morphing into the 3rd world

LA being overrun by an ocean of garbage

Six Bosniaks in Missouri charged with supporting ISIS & al-Nusra Front

At least one American Bosniak is believed to be fighting in Syria

What flags do you use to express your political ideology?

What flag represents you?

Somali refugees make demands before Portland school board

Somali refugees demand special Somali/Islamic curriculum in Portland

Concealed handgun saves the day in Philadelphia

Thug thought 67 year old would be easy prey

Spawned in the USA. The American fingerprints on ISIS

The US role in the creation of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria

Did a black man invent the air conditioner?

Frederick McKinley Jones was successful HVAC engineer, but did not invent the air conditioner.

Racially motivated mob attack leaves Cleveland man hospitalized

Police Union President calls attack “completely racially motivated”

“Baby whisperer” slapped on the wrist for crushing baby’s skull

Babysitter gets 180 day house arrest for horrifically maiming two year old

Were Cleopatra and King Tut Examples of “Black Egyptians”

Barak Obama’s Church teaches that Cleopatra and King Tut were black

Six shot at Syracuse, NY Pub

Perp wanted to murder ex-girlfriend in front of her family.

Could France become the defender of Western Civilization?

As Muslims radicalize, Front National soars

New Republic dedicates entire issue to denouncing itself for past racism

New Republic denounces it’s “racist” past as part of re-branding campaign

Muslim gang members convicted of brutal hate crime mob attack on US student

Black college student from US was brutally attacked in notorious Tower Hamlets area

AZ Sheriff: ICE is releasing 30 to 50 convicted criminals into my county per day

Pinal County, AZ Sheriff delivers shocking testimony to US Congress

Poland’s Far-Right

New documentary on Far-Right youth movements in Poland

Tuskegee Airmen invincible fighter pilots?

What the hard data says about the Tuskegee Airmen

Farrakhan compares MLK’s rhetoric to his own

Farrakhan reads shocking quotes from MLK that justify black racial violence

Pizza delivery driver nearly disemboweled in Edmonds, Washington

More evidence that all Pizza Delivery drivers should carry a firearm

Azealia Banks denounces “Gay, White Media”

Black pop star continues to get a free pass to denigrate all white people

Hafthór Björnsson named “Strongest Viking in the World”

Carries log weighing as much as the mast of a Viking ship.

Head of Democrat Party attacks Jewish intermarriage & assimilation

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz denounces Jewish assimilation and intermarriage

Did a black man invent the dust pan?

Lloyd P. Ray took out the 165th American patent for a dustpan. That hardly makes him the inventor.