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National Review writer endorses White Ethnostate in South Africa

White South Africans are in grave danger; there may be a solution.

Shiite militia decapitates Sunni tribal leadership in Baghdad

Iraqi parliament could dissolve at any minute

Is it time for a White Caucus in the California Legislature?

Whites need better representation in the California legislature

AfD takes first seats in a western German parliament

Backlash! AfD strips eight seats from CDU in Hamburg

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Egypt is now bombing a group armed and backed by Obama

US backed/US armed LIFG is now an official ISIS affiliate

CBC to boycott Netanyahu speech in Congress

For many Democrats, Likud is the new Apartheid

VICE News on the Kurdish uprising in Turkey

Civil War is erupting in Turkey

Road Rage or Hate Crime?

Media using “road rage” as a euphamism for racial hate crime attacks

Poll: Which European groups on the right do you support?

Which European groups on the right do you identify with?

Channel 4 to air mockumentary claiming society will implode under UKIP

2nd largest British media network declares total war on UKIP

Al Sharpton tax scandal deepens

Every single for-profit business started by Sharpton has been shut down for not paying taxes

Poll: Who on the right do you most identity with?

Who are your favorite right-wing authors/pundits

Shocking wrist slap for brutal hate crime beating in England

Perp gets zero jail time for fracturing victim’s skull

Teenage race riot in Ocoee, FL

Gunshots, mob fights, and looting in Ocoee, FL

Is the next massive Jihadist group already waiting in the wings

Even if ISIS is eradicated, the radicalizers will still be operating.

Poll: What religion are you?

We are polling the religious beliefs of our audience

Another woman set on fire. Ex-husband charged.

Why do we keep seeing these stories?

ISIS parades 17 captured Peshmerga troops in cages

ISIS proves that Kurds are not in full control of Kirkuk

SPLC lying about Chapel Hill spree shooter’s Facebook page

Chapel Hill spree shooter was a SPLC supporter

ASU teacher publicly advocates violence against white “racists”

Arizona State University teacher brags about committing violence against political enemies

Poll: Should America send ground troops to fight ISIS?

Do you believe we must fight ISIS overseas or we will be fighting them at home?

New euphemism: “Sale-Gone-Wrong”

Little Rock CBS station refers to premeditated murder as a sale-gone-wrong

Will US/NATO ever accept blame for global heroine plague?

Opium from Afghanistan is destroying the lives of hundreds of millions worldwide

The United States and ISIS

Is America about to enter the mother of all quagmires?

Violent Marxist Antifa gangs allegedly fighting in Ukrainian Civil War

Novorussia has become a proxy war for Europe’s violent Marxist gangs

String of fights on the floor of the South African Parliament

Violent fights in parliaments between ANC and EFF

Denver man brutally maimed in hate crime mob attack

Racially motivated lynching?

Homeowner sentenced to 70 years for shooting serial burglar

Montana homeowner gets 70 years for killing burglar

American created Kosovo is completely collapsing, mass exodus underway

Austrian MP: America created Kosovar refugee crises