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Lindsey Graham says he will protect vegetarians from ISIS

Lindsey Graham: We need boots on the ground to protect vegetarians!

Feds and police raid Texas Secessionist meeting, confiscate cellphones and cash

Texas secessionists corralled, fingerprinted, and possessions taken for holding mock court proceeding

UK Guardian: Chicago police operating domestic “black site”

Chicago Black Site is biggest news story in Europe

Fort Hood soldier kills three in spree killing

Fort Hood soldier murders wife and two of her friends

Extreme left spending nearly $200 million for “net neutrality”

Soros, Ford Foundation behind massive internet takeover

Obama regime plots massive internet takeover

Obama regime refuses to let public see 332 pages of new internet regulations

America’s Next Top Model Contestant killed in triple homicide

Entertainment industry doesn’t want to discuss how popular model died

MSNBC Host: I hope Trayvon whipped the sh*t out of Zimmerman

MSNBC praises Trayvon Martin’s violent attack on Zimmerman

21 Montgomery County School employees investigated for child sex crimes

In the past 4 years 21 employees and contract workers have been investigated for child sex crimes

Broward County shocked by rape of 94 year old blind woman

Residents see rape of 94 year old as a brand new low.

Kanye West and Louis Farrakhan hold private meeting

Media censors Kanye West’s meeting with Louis Farrakhan

Farrakhan tells cheering crowd that God is against the white man.

Farrakhan hates Obama, unless he is being attacked by a white person

Las Vegas woman brutally gang raped in front of her children

Las Vegas shocked by brutal home invasion

Pope denounces Mexicanization of Argentina

Extreme hypocrisy after Pope calls for America to accept unlimited Mexicans

FedEx refuses to ship groundbreaking gun making tool

Milling machine that operates like a 3-D printer makes gun control obsolete

White students attacked with rocks and bricks at Western Cape University

Shocking racial violence against white students at South African University

Daughter of Eric Garner denounces Al Sharpton

Bombshell documentary on Al Sharpton

Daughter of Obama’s pastor going to jail for pocketing grant money.

Jeri Wright has bail revoked for alleged brand new theft

Illegal aliens take over Texas prison

Southwest is becoming more like the third world each day

Obama appears to flash Salafist hand gesture at African Summit

Did Obama flash Salafist hand sign at Gambia’s brutal Sunni Dictator?

What is Pathological Altruism?

Do Europeans suffer from pathological altruism

CNN gets international ridicule after fake ISIS report

Absolute proof that CNN has zero credibility.

Tim Wise lashes out at CofCC website

Tim Wise furious that we exposed his violent rhetoric

Kwame Kilpatrick’s prophetic words on racial and politics

Kwame Kilpatrick predicted white Detroit Mayor

FBI: NAACP was not the target of firecracker

NAACP boss desperately tries to keep bomb hoax alive

Islam’s history of anti-black hatred

Why no one should be surprised that Arab Jihadists look down on black people

BOMBSHELL! Turkish military directly aided al-Qaeda and ISIS in Northwestern Syria

Wiretaps reveal Turkey directly supported al-Qaeda and ISIS during battles in Kasab

Indianapolis man gets no prison time for brutal hate crime murder

Justice denied for Indianapolis hate crime victim

NC woman killed by female police officer after she called for help

No media outrage because victims is white and cop is black

US Iman, who preaches violent Jihad, has a half million Facebook likes

Imam at Memphis Mega-Mosque preaches violent Jihad