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Look who Obama had a presidential meeting with

Official White House meeting is now international laughing stock

Indianapolis rocked by pre-teen armed robber

Is “society” to blame for pre-teen armed robber?

Hate crime execution murder in Akron, Ohio

It’s time to stop calling these “robberies”

Mother/daughter arrested for racially motivated attack on woman holding a baby

Augusta, GA media COMPLETELY CENSORED shocking racially motivated attack at a ROSS apparel store

DOJ: No evidence of a civil rights violation in Ferguson

Not even Eric Holder could manufacture any charge against Darren Wilson

Milwaukee rocked by horrific racially motivated beating

Suspect screams “God’s Wrath Is On White America” in court

Elderly Tulsa man killed by young gangbanger

70 year old man killed while visiting Tulsa

Life sentences for racially motivated double murder in Detroit

Defiant perp insults victim’s families, goes on black power tirade.

Chechnya is about to blow. Hundreds of thousands march against Muhammed cartoons

America backed al-Qaeda in Chechnya in the 90s

1,700 PRIVATE JETS to descend on “Global Warning Summit”

Liberal elites to flaunt their carbon footprints at Global Warming Summit

60 Minutes attack piece on Britain First

Britain First takes on the Sharia patrols

Jessica Chamber’s mother speaks out about internet rumors

Case appears to have grown cold

HYPOCRISY! French politicians vow “free speech” then ban PEGIDA march

PEGIDA banned from marching in Paris

Live feed of PEGIDA rally in Leipzig

PEGIDA rallies in Leipzig despite media onslaught

PEGIDA frontman resigns over picture of Hitler

Hitler gag from Bachmann’s college days is biggest news story in Europe.

Is black on white murder on the rise?

We found 18 black on white murders occurring in just the first 15 days of 2015

Ralph Weems still hospitalized five months after Mike Brown revenge attack

Mississippi lynching victim will remain hospitalized for the foreseeable future

String of racial hate crime attacks in Atlanta

Atlanta Police are looking for a black male who sucker punched several white pedestrians

Britain refuses to extradite child rapist back to the US

British court rules that extradition for child rape would violate perp’s “human rights”

Hundreds protest Muslim conference in Texas

“Stand with the Prophet” rally greeted by hundreds of protesters

Aspiring gangster rap starts new “viral” vandalism/assault trend

#PutEmInTheCoffin is the latest violent new trend for thugs

Idiocracy: Americans answer fake questions about MLK

Jimmy Kimmel & Mark Dice ask fake questions about Martin Luther King

Seattle crucifies white female officer to appease Black Power Industry

“Boy” deemed to be an offensive “racial slur”

Citizen’s Commission on Benghazi: Obama was arming al-Qaeda

Two retired Generals and an Admiral say “Obama switched sides in the war on terror”

The Truth About MLK Booklet $1.50

The King Holiday and Its Meaning

Chaos as #BlackLivesMatter disrupts St. Louis MLK celebration

#BlackLivesMatter shuts down MLK celebration to “reclaim MLK day”

#BlackLivesMatter protests at the home of new Jewish Mayor of Oakland

#BlackLivesMatter activists denounce new Oakland Mayor as a pro-Israel capitalist

#BlackLivesMatter crowd protests NAACP in Colorado

NAACP office, that was behind bomb hoax, gets protested by black grassroots activists

#BlackBrunch is growing. White diners harassed in NYC, STL, Oakland, and Chicago

Extreme black power radicals continue restaurant invasions despite bad press

Somalian hacks two men to death in Finland

Another Somalian bloodbath in Scandinavia