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White students attacked with rocks and bricks at Western Cape University

Shocking racial violence against white students at South African University

Daughter of Eric Garner denounces Al Sharpton

Bombshell documentary on Al Sharpton

Daughter of Obama’s pastor going to jail for pocketing grant money.

Jeri Wright has bail revoked for alleged brand new theft

Illegal aliens take over Texas prison

Southwest is becoming more like the third world each day

Obama appears to flash Salafist hand gesture at African Summit

Did Obama flash Salafist hand sign at Gambia’s brutal Sunni Dictator?

What is Pathological Altruism?

Do Europeans suffer from pathological altruism

CNN gets international ridicule after fake ISIS report

Absolute proof that CNN has zero credibility.

Tim Wise lashes out at CofCC website

Tim Wise furious that we exposed his violent rhetoric

Kwame Kilpatrick’s prophetic words on racial and politics

Kwame Kilpatrick predicted white Detroit Mayor

FBI: NAACP was not the target of firecracker

NAACP boss desperately tries to keep bomb hoax alive

Islam’s history of anti-black hatred

Why no one should be surprised that Arab Jihadists look down on black people

BOMBSHELL! Turkish military directly aided al-Qaeda and ISIS in Northwestern Syria

Wiretaps reveal Turkey directly supported al-Qaeda and ISIS during battles in Kasab

Indianapolis man gets no prison time for brutal hate crime murder

Justice denied for Indianapolis hate crime victim

NC woman killed by female police officer after she called for help

No media outrage because victims is white and cop is black

US Iman, who preaches violent Jihad, has a half million Facebook likes

Imam at Memphis Mega-Mosque preaches violent Jihad

MO Nation Guard: A decision was made to let Ferguson burn

MO authorities were afraid rioters would get killed if they stopped the arson and looting

Our black on white murder study has shocked even us

We have now documented 393 black on white murders for 2014

Black male shot by security guards at grocery named after Obama

Will #BlackLivesMatter protest Obama Express Food Mart?

Albino body parts trade continues in Tanzania

1 in 3,000 people in Tanzania are born with Albinism.

Obama regime to train new wave of Sunni Jihadists in Syria

Obama let al-Qaeda ally call in airstrikes in Syria

Walking While Whatever…

Joseph Paul Watson on the Walking While X videos

Shock as Obama Administration condemns Egypt’s attack on ISIS

Pentagon condemns Egyptian bombing of former US allies in Derna, Libya

World famous French artist attaked by four Muslims over Coexist painting

Advocating religious tolerance ends in mob beating for famous artist

Tim Wise, who advocates murdering TEA Partiers, to speak on 11 campuses

Pro-Violence/Anti-White militant to speak at major Universities

MS lawmaker under attack for criticizing black work ethic

most of the blacks in my hometown are on welfare – Rep. Alday

Minnesota US Attorney: “Daily Battle” with Jihadist recruiters

Feds fight to keep refugees from joining terrorist groups

Who is to blame for astronomical black student arrests in San Fransisco

Blacks make up 8% of student body, but 73% of those arrested last semester

National Review writer endorses White Ethnostate in South Africa

White South Africans are in grave danger; there may be a solution.

Shiite militia decapitates Sunni tribal leadership in Baghdad

Iraqi parliament could dissolve at any minute

Is it time for a White Caucus in the California Legislature?

Whites need better representation in the California legislature