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Dallas News Confirms Gang Demographics

MS-13 Gang SignDallas News confirms demographic trends among gangs. The majority of gang members in Texas are Hispanic, while very few are white.

From Dallas News…

The Garland gang unit looks at officers’ field interrogation reports for such factors as age, behavior, the number of reports, signs and symbols, tattoos and statements made about gang membership.

Dress used to be a key factor, but fashion has overtaken it. Baggy pants and oversized shirts are now a staple among high schoolers and hip-hop wannabes.

Lt. Dillon estimated that the city’s 1,438 gang members identified in 2006 are 60 percent Hispanic, 30 percent black and 3 percent Asian.

Sgt. Mark Langford of the Dallas police gang unit said the more than 80 street gangs in that city run about the same: 59 percent Hispanic, 39 percent black and 2 percent “other.”

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