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France Swings to the Right in Presidential Primary!

Sarkozy, who ran on a Le-Pen like platform, comes in first place with over 30% of the vote in a twelve candidate open primary for French President. Sarkozy is a member of Chirac’s Popular Movement Party, but is far to the right of Chirac. Sarkozy is favored to win the run-off against a socialist candidate who came in second. Sarkozy, Le Pen, and right wing Movement for France candidate Villiers took 43.9% of the vote all together. The socialist party, along with four other feuding communist parties took 33%. Centrist and evironmental parties took the other 23.1%.

This is a dramatic shift from the 2002 election when four communists together scored 14%, four socialist candidates together scored 29%, and Chirac won as a centrist with only 20%. This would suggest that the socialists and communists have lost a quarter of their support, while the right wing vote has nearly doubled.

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