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Americans are being killed by illegal alien drunk drivers daily.

Illegal Drunk KillerIf Luciano Melendres had been deported to Mexico following his 2006 arrest for driving drunk – or even if a judge last week hadn’t suspended his six-month jail sentence and given him 12 months probation – Dacus Lamont Sims, 32, would be alive today.

Illegal Alien driving drunk kills man in Charlotte, NC

Drunk Illegal Alien Killer2Mother and two children killed, father and two other children injured by drunk illegal alien last Christmas Eve in Utah.

Illegal Alien who killed three sentenced to a mere 10 years.

victims of drunk illegal alienDrunk Illegal Alien kills Illinois man.

Father and daughter killed by drunk illegal alien in Idaho.

Maryland College Student killed by drunk Illegal Alien.

New Jersey Man killed by drunk Illegal Alien.

“Thirteen people are killed every day in the US by Illegal Alien drunk drivers.” Rep. Steve King R-IA