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Americans don't want more immigrants.

New polls from the New York Times/CBS have produced some shocking results.

  1. 43% of Americans believe the US economy is getting worse. Only 11% believe it is getting better.
  2. Americans with a favorable impression of the Republican party has fallen from over 50% in 2000 [and up to 58% after 911] down to 38% under the leadership of George Bush.
  3. 72% of Americans want more restrictions on who can immigrate to the US.  One third of those Americans want a moratorium on immigration all together.
  4. Only 28% of Americans think recent immigrants are making the US better, while 35% believe recent immigrants are making America worse.
  5. When asked if their fellow Americans would think recent immigrants are contributing to the US, only 32% said yes. 58% said that their fellow Americans believe immigrants are causing problems rather than contributing.