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Another ADL scandal?

In the early 1990s, the ADL regional headquarters in San Fransisco was raided by police and FBI who found thousands of illegally obtained police reports. The ADL was spying on politicians, Arabs, Blacks, American Indians, labor unions and political activists from across the spectrum. Three civil lawsuits, including a class action suit and one brought by former US Rep Pete McCloskey, cost the ADL $300,000 in settlements. The ADL, which has a fifty million dollar a year budget, persuaded the city of San Fransisco to drop criminal charges and agreed to donate money to community race relations causes.

The ADL was also sued by a Colorado couple for defamation. In 2001 a court awarded the couple a 10 million dollar judgment.

Is the ADL manipulating members of law enforcement to vilify activists for a secure border?

Mesa, Arizona police detective and hate crimes specialist Matt Browning, who worked with the ADL, is being accused of misconduct. At an ADL sponsored Democratic Legislative caucus, Browning gave a speech on alledged violence towards illegal aliens.

Jason Ready, a recent city council candidate says that the message Browning delivered was “All border activists, constitutional study groups, and tax protestors, and especially any White Heritage Club members, have been labeled as ‘domestic terrorists.'”

Ready was recently attacked by a Hispanic man, and he claims that law enforcement has been harassing him. A regional director for the ADL admitted to reporters that Ready was on his radar.

Six complaints have now been filed over Browning’s speech at the ADL sponsored event, for misconduct.

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