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Anti-white assaults in Cincinnati growing more vicious.

Three white kindergarten aged kids wounded when black youths attack multiple school buses with bricks and rocks. This would be a national news story if the races were reverse, but the US media is burying it.

From Cincinnati Enquirer …

Buses taking students from three suburban school districts on field trips to the city’s zoo were hit with a brick and other objects as they traveled through Avondale on Thursday, leaving three kindergarten students injured.

Three girls from Butler County’s Lakota schools were injured when a brick was thrown through one of the bus’ glass windows near Forest and Vine streets.

All three were taken to nearby Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center.

Two were treated for wounds from broken glass and released soon after. The third girl, according to Sgt. Chris Conner, was treated for a “gash to the head” caused by the thrown brick and later released.

Conner said four other school buses – two from Oak Hills schools in Hamilton County and two from Walton-Verona schools in Northern Kentucky’s Boone County – were also hit by thrown objects about the same time, 9:45 a.m. There were no injuries or serious damage to the buses reported by the other school districts, said Conner.

During the 2001 Cincinnati Race Riots 100-125 whites were assaulted.

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