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CNNs Paid Black Separatist

Martin S RolandAnnouncement from Kyle Rogers

Tonight CNN will be bringing out paid, part-time expert on racial issues Martin Roland to debate Political Cesspool Host James Edwards on the Paula Zahn show at 8:00 EST.

Lets take a look at this professional advocate of multiculturalism.

1) Writes for the Trumpet, a newsletter for Trinity United Church of God. This is the same black separatist church that Obama and Oprah belong to. Their website contains more about black nationalism and separatism than it does about Christianity. The head pastor even accuses white people of creating the AIDS virus. has reported on this church in the past.

2) He is executive editor of a black newspaper in Chicago, which bills itself as “The Largest Black Newspaper in America.”

3) He has a pro-black radio show on a black themed radio station in Chicago that only airs black hosts.

4) He belongs to an all black journalism group, an all black newspaper editors group, an all black college fraternity, and more.

5) Writes books specifically for black readers.

When your watching James Edwards on CNN tonight and Martin Roland, Paula Zahn, and Zahn’s producers are advocating that White people better integrate with Blacks and Hispanics, ask yourself this question. Could they be any more hypocritical?