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CofCC: The real ones Fighting the Power

By: C.T. Huffman-The Unreconstructed Southerner.

Though the battle over amnesty is not over, I believe the tide has started to turn in our direction. Six US Senators tried to railroad this country from behind closed doors and seemed to believe that the rest of us would just go meekly along. This is not 1966 when Ted Kennedy drafted the immigration plan that flung open the gates to the Third World and has seen an erosion of our culture ever since then. Consider for a moment the arrogance of our favorite would be presidential nominee.

‘We all know this issue can be caught up in extracurricular politics unless we move forward as quickly as possible,’ says Sen. John McCain. THIS IS OUTRAEGOUS!! How can elected representatives just thumb their nose at we the people and not believe in debating legislation that will determine the history of our country forevermore? Such is the culture of entitlement in Washington DC.

For those who have read of John McCain’s “f— y–!” statement to Texas Senator John Cornyn know in your hearts that his tirade might as well have applied to all of us as well. McCain has given all of us opposed to amnesty the figurative finger. Well unfortunately for Senator McCain, I believe this latest attempt to sellout our country shall be the magic bullet that ends his presidential ambitions for good.

For those of you who made the calls, wrote the letters, sent the faxes, and just raised Cain in every way; I believe our efforts are beginning to pay off. 23 Senators voted to kill the bill outright by voting against cloture. NumbersUSA has the documentation of those Senators. We must thank them for their support, and proceed to rail against all 69 Senators who voted for cloture. Their offices must be hammered continuously with people expressing their outrage and opposition to ANY amnesty.

The engineers of this bill had hoped to be voting on the bill this week. As the pressure builds it seems that the Senators are feeling the heat and are saying that any vote will have to come after the Memorial Day recess. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance. If we slack off for one instant then we will be railroaded and our country will die. This is no melodramatic statement. California is sinking fast into the morass of the Third World invasion and the Southwest may soon follow. Only strong action this day will ensure that this reality is not inevitable.

Call your Senators and Congressmen today and let them know that November 2008 is not that far away and we don’t have American Idol distracting us. We will remember this vote and vote accordingly. My compliments to those in South Carolina and Georgia who let Lindsay Graham and Saxby Chambliss know what you thought of their sellout. Ladies and gentlemen, let’s go to work.