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DOJ BOMBSHELL! Shocking Black crime statistics.

The new Department of Justice victimization survey for 2005 has been posted on the DOJ website. To create these reports the DOJ surveys a massive segment of the US population to document crime trends. For years the reports have shown disturbing trends in Black crime, particularly Black on White Crime.

The 2005 Report Shows…

While Blacks make up 12% of the US population, they commit approximately 50% of all rapes, attempted rapes, and sexual assaults in the United States.

Nearly 100% of all Black rape victims are raped by a Black.

Over one third of all White rape victims are raped by a Black. Over half of all White rape victims are raped by a non-White in general.

Another category dominated by Blacks is “Robbery with Injury.” Blacks committed a full two thirds of all robberies with an injury in cases where the race of the offender is known.

Note: In the 2005 survey, they is still no Hispanic offender category. The only categories are Black, White, Other, and in some cases “Two or More.” This skews the results, because most Hispanic offenders are counted as white. There is however a note that future reports will document Hispanic crime trends.

Visit DOJ website with reports.