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France see three nights of riots.

Breaking news: Several American News outlets, including Time Magazine, have deemed the current rioting in France as “White Riots” because a portion of the rioting is by marxist and “anarchist” gangs whose members are extreme-left wing whites. Mostly the spoiled brat children of wealthy liberals who attend Universities in Paris. These same media outlets have been deliberately omitting the race of African and Arab rioters in France for the past two years. African and Arabs are referred to as “youths,” but now the same media outlets are gleefully identifying the race of white rioters.

Click Here to see the propaganda from Time Magazine.

The reality is that several hundred violent white leftists who supported Socialist candidate Royal rioted and clashed with police in Paris Sunday night. About 100 were arrested. Since Sunday, France has seen three straight nights of rioting. Riots taking place in the suburbs of Paris and other French cities are being carried out by immigrant gangs.

In Grigny, a Paris suburb, immigrant gangs torched a public nursery school and threw Molotov cocktails at Police. One officer was injured. Over 1300 cars have been torched during the three nights. Mostly in heavily immigrant areas.

Socialist candidate Royal said riots would ensue if she lost the election.

Note: Note we have received e-mails asking if Sarkozy is actually French. Sarkozy is only about a quarter ethnic French. His father was a lower Hungarian Aristocrat who joined the French Foreign Legion to escape the Soviets where liquidated much of the Hungarian aristocracy. Sarkozy’s mother was the daughter of a Jewish immigrant from Greece and a French woman. Both of Sarkozy’s parents were practicing Catholics, as is Sarkozy himself. The fact that Sarkozy has a mostly non-French background was one reason why Le Pen told supporters not to vote for him.