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GOP Pundits Shocked by Ron Paul

By: C.T.Huffman

Any objective observer of last night’s GOP debate can’t deny that Fox News is Unfair and Unbalanced after last night. Whatever presence to fairness was shattered by their treatment of Ron Paul after the debate. Carl Cameron and other reporters seemed genuinely shocked that Ron Paul could be doing so well in the post-debate polling. Fox News is clearly rooting for the Establishment 3 of Rudy Guiliani, John McCain, and Mitt Romney. Now however, the ones who really matter, the voters, are signaling their wish for true change. Rudy Guilianni is like George Bush, a liberal sleeper. John McCain’s sponsorship of amnesty and his political pandering on the Confederate flag show that he is no politician of principle. Mitt Romney is a repackaged Republican version of John Kerry.

The Republican Party is now committing the same ideological purge the Democrats attempted to engage in last fall with the primary challenge to Joe Lieberman in Connecticut. The incomparable Ron Paul said something that ranks as heresy in the Republican Party and especially among neo-conservatives. It is that America’s foreign policy provoked the September 11, 2001 attacks on our country. Rudy Guilianni was apoplectic. How could one dare suggest such a thing? He had never heard of such an explanation. Apparently he had not read Usama Bin Laden’s 1998 fatwa in which Al Qaeda declared war on the United States. Guilianni must also have never read Pat Buchanan’s commentary and books. Whether you agree with Dr. Paul or not, we can all agree on his right to articulate this position. Yet now the same Michigan GOP that ran away from the Michigan Civil Rights Initiative last fall (and got royally trounced as a result) has it’s chairman, Saul Anuzis, clamoring to get Ron Paul barred from all future GOP debates!

This is perhaps the biggest attack on free thinking in a GOP primary that we have witnessed. Dr. Paul is one of only a choice few Republicans whom is right on the immigration issue. He also is a very unique candidate in his approach to issues. If the GOP bars him from future debates then the GOP is no different from the Democrats. Everyone must tow the party line and cowtow to the conventional wisdom. Well this conservative doesn’t think so. Whether it’s Dr. Paul, Tom Tancredo, or Duncan Hunter, we need someone who will shake up Washington and not tell us what we want to hear and then betray us (ahem George W. Bush/John McCain).

Perhaps the best illustration of why Dr. Paul is shaking things us was his confrontation with Sean Hannity after the debate. The fact that the GOP’s favorite cheerleader couldn’t explain why even after Paul’s comments on foreign policy, that Paul was winning the post debate polling is telling. Since they can’t explain it, now they want to shut Ron Paul up. If Ron Paul is silenced, how much longer till we are silenced. With hate crimes legislation weeding it’s way through Congress this is a fair question. We are Americans, not Soviets or Nazis. Someone needs to make sure the GOP gets the memo.