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Help the CofCC cope with the postage increase.

The post office has just raised it’s rates again. This will be a significant burden to the CofCC. We have still not raised our yearly dues since the founding of this organization nearly twenty years ago. Even though there have been numerous increases in the price of postage.

Please make a donation by credit card today. You can use our secure online form.

About your donations..

I want to share a fact not everyone is aware of – the Council of Conservative Citizens pays absolutely no salaries whatever to its executives. These men are all successful in their own right; the president runs a multi-state airplane engine repair business, the CEO is an attorney and the senior field organizer operates a funeral home. People who are successful in life in their own professions don’t need to skim off the funds people want used for accomplishing something.

It’s important for all our members and readers to know that 100% of the revenue coming in is spent on activism – this newspaper; the website, the annual conferences, and the local chapters. The same is true of the Conservative Citizens Foundation, whose directors draw no salaries (and donations to which are tax-deductible for those of you who factor this into your decision making).

So where do you want your money to go this year – maintaining high lifestyles for Washington based salary drawers? I think not. Let’s start using our heads and redirect our donations to where they’ll be put to real use.