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Will diversity be our ruin?

A special message from Kyle Rogers.

Today it was announced that a new census report shows a third of Americans are a racial minority. Since Hispanics are vastly under counted and large numbers of Middle Eastern and Central Asian immigrants are classified as “White,” it is really even more than a third.

Take a minute to reflect on this. Think about what the future of America will be like when Whites are less than half the population. Will we be a Brazil, a Mexico, or worse? We are rapidly moving the border of the third world across the American southwest already.

Now consider the similar fate of Israel. Will Israel pass into Muslim hands without a shot fired, much as the US Southwest is being turned over to Hispanics?

Israel Prime Minister Olmert pledges nearly 6 Billion in aid to ensure that Jerusalem stays a majority Jewish city. The money will be used to encourage higher birth rates among Jews in the city and offer special benefits and tax incentives for more Jews to move in.

An exploding Arab population in Israel threatens to end Israel as a state. Already Arab lawmakers in Israel are calling for the removal of the Star of David from it’s flag and for Israel to renounce it’s status as a “Jewish State.”

As we witness the Reconquista of the American Southwest by Chicanos. Should the US follow Olmerts lead and take drastic action to halt shifting demographics is the United States? Will Israel be denounced as “racist” by the US media?

From Jerusalem Post, May 17th …

At a special cabinet meeting on Jerusalem Sunday, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert announced plans to channel NIS 5.75 billion worth of benefits into the capital over the next five years, in an attempt to reverse the capital’s demographic trends which Jerusalem Mayor Uri Lupolianski warned could lead to Hamas taking over the city without firing a shot.

“Jerusalem could, God forbid, end up not under Jewish sovereignty, but rather that of Hamas,” Lupolianski said at the meeting, held at the Menachem Begin Heritage Center overlooking the Old City walls in honor of the 40th anniversary of the unification of the capital.

Hamas, Lupolianski said, “knows that it is possible to capture Jerusalem through demography within 12 years. We need a plan, and not crumbs, so that Jerusalem will remain Israel’s capital forever.”