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Lindsey Graham booed at SC GOP Convention.

CofCC RallyOn April 29th, 2006 the South Carolina CofCC held a rally against the Senate Amnesty Bill in front of Lindsey Graham’s Greenville, SC office. Over 1,000 people attended. Now revulsion to Lindsey Graham has spread from the people to the South Carolina GOP leadership.

From The State, May 20th …

The crowd at South Carolina’s Republican convention cheered Saturday when former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney criticized a new immigration proposal and booed U.S. Sen Lindsey Graham when he defended it.

The immigration compromise between key senators and the White House was in the forefront at the convention as more than 1,000 delegates and Republican activists gathered. Many in the crowd wore stickers with “Senate amnesty bill” crossed out.

They cheered as presidential candidate Romney told them: “One simple rule: No amnesty.”

During his speech and before his remarks, Romney said a proposed new visa for immigrants amounts to amnesty if it can be renewed indefinitely.

“If that’s not a form of amnesty, I don’t know what is,” Romney said. “I think we should not call it the ‘Z visa,’ we should call it the ‘A visa’ because it’s amnesty and that’s what it stands for.”

And the crowd booed Graham, R-S.C., when he said he had worked with U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass., on the immigration legislation.

“It’s the best bill I think we can get to President Bush,” Graham said as some in the crowd shouted “No!”

Graham was cheered earlier in his speech when he talked about the war in Iraq.

“Immigration got booed,” Graham said afterward. “It’s an emotional topic. People are mad.”

Graham and South Carolina’s other U.S. senator, Jim DeMint, are on opposite sides on both immigration and the GOP presidential race. DeMint is supporting Romney and does not like the immigration bill. Graham backs Sen. John McCain.

DeMint told the crowd that supporters were trying to “ram an immigration bill down America’s throat” and said if it allows permanent residency of illegal immigrants, it should be called amnesty.