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Media bemoans Haitian refugees, ignores genocide of SA whites.

By: C.T. Huffman

It seems as though the media isn’t through bashing us over the head with images of white guilt or our own flaws as a people. This past week a boat full of Haitian refuges capsized off the waters of Turk and Caicos, a British territory in the Caribbean. The “refugees” claim their boat was rammed, capsized, and the would be migrants were left to drown. These claims neglect to mention the fact that the journey is both illegal and in violation of the laws of both the territory and of the United States. The story is the plight of the Haitians and their oh so harrowing journey to get to the United States. However several stories are absent in the media’s reporting of the phenomenon of Haitian immigration to America. The presence of new religious faiths such as Santeria, a faith that involves the ritualistic sacrifice of animals, is a phenomenon Floridians have had to adjust to since the 1980’s. Don’t count on PETA or the Animal Liberation Front for activism in this cause, they’re more interested in spilling blood on fur coat owners.

In considering the immigration of Haitian immigrants to the United States one might want to take a long hard look at Haiti itself and ask do we want what they have here? Haiti suffers from among the highest violent crime rates in the Western Hemisphere and among the lowest standards of living of any nation this side of the Prime Meridian. When people from a certain nation are more likely to be violent and poverty inclined it’s a fair statement to say we as Americans don’t want to import that into our country. Don’t count on any substantive action to occur though. Remember friends, diversity is our strength and the more diluted our Western Christian heritage becomes, the more fulfilled we all are. And for those of you who have warned of the UN, representatives of the refugees are vowing to take the case to the UN, accusing the territory of human rights violations.

In reading this story another point came to mind. Aside from the Citizens Informer have any of you heard of the plight of whites in South Africa and Zimbabwe? Aside from Michael Savage posting stories of the dispossession of white farmers, the main providers of food to the famine stricken nation, I have not heard one peep out of the press regarding South Africa. Only the Council of Conservative Citizens and the American Renaissance have offered coverage of what is truly a horrific situation. Whites are routinely and savagely murdered while the African killers go free. This is clearly a creeping genocide that is a threat to Western survival on the continent. It was the hard and devoted work of the British, Boer, and other European settlers that turned Cape Town and Pretoria into the jewels of Africa. It is interesting to note that whites owned 87% of all farm land upon the election of the communist funded and inspired ANC. 13 years later, despite being a vast minority and with the ANC firmly in charge, whites own only 84%. Despite all of the swooning over Mandela and the ANC over 50% of South Africans remain in poverty. The most telling comment is that of one of the ANC’s party members. “It is imperative to get rid of merit as the overriding principle in the appointment of public servants.” – Mario Rantho – ANC MP.

Since the collapse of white rule in South Africa crime has exploded in every sector. Thanks to those at Africa Crisis; we can all get a first hand look at this phenomenon. Crime in almost every category from car theft to murder all spiked upon the assumption of power by Nelson Mandella and the ANC.

The media’s willingness to highlight the plight of one boatload of Haitian immigrants while ignoring the plight of whites in South Africa and Zimbabwe is appalling. As Enoch Powell said in 1968, the whip is no longer in the white hand and the black hand is all too willing to wield it. The Citizens Informer said it best in its latest issue. If we white’s relinquish our majority status then our country is done for. The attacks on whites in Long Beach, California and the brutal murder of Christian and Newsom in Tennessee will become common place. We will have to live as many South African whites do, with a loaded shotgun within arms length as they sleep at night. This is madness! Never, never, never must we allow this to happen to our country. If we do then Western Civilization is done. And unlike all these Third World immigrants who come here to escape their circumstances, where are we supposed to flee to?