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Media Breakthrough on Christian & Newsom

Christian & NewsomMainstream Media goes into damage control after Christian & Newsom murders become big news on the internet.

by Kyle Rogers

Duncan Mansfield, of the Associated Press, writes that internet websites have “undermined” the mainstream media by getting out news about the horrific racially motivated torture deaths of Christian and Newsom. Media outlets made similar statements when Internet websites, like, brought attention to racially motivated attacks against whites in the Bronx and Long Beach.

Along with Mansfield, Knoxville Police Chief Sterling Owen and assistant District Attorney John Gill also try to downplay evidence that the murders were hate crimes. Police Chief Owen claims the murders were not motivated by race, but were simply the result of “carjacking taken too far.” However, carjacking charges were dropped last week. The victim’s car was not even taken. Seems like the Knoxville authorities are going to great lengths to justify not filing hate crime charges.

Assistant District Attorney John Gill claims that the couple was not sexually mutilated. Well, John Gill, what do you call hacking off a woman’s breasts and a man’s penis while they are still alive? While the details of the crime have not been widely reported, they are well documented. Christian was forced to watch her boyfriend brutally tortured and then shot.  She was then raped repeatedly for four days and tortured until she died. The suspects are also alleged to have purchased Viagra so they could continue raping the girl. Truly this was one of the most horrific hate crimes in US history.

Finaly, the article quotes Ted Gest, president of the Criminal Justice Journalists, as saying that politics played no role in keeping the story buried. Well Ted Gest is just a liar, plain and simple. Those who follow have seen crime story after crime story buried and downplayed by the media when the perpetrators are Black.

There is one thing particularly disgusting about Duncan Mansfield’s article [it’s really an opinion piece]. He expresses contempt for Channon Christian’s father by mentioning that he wears Confederate flag t-shirts. So what Mansfield? Does that mean his daughter’s rape, mutilation, and murder should be overlooked? We saw the same viciousness after the Micheal Westerman murder in the mid 90’s. A group of black gangsters randomly ambushed a white couple who were out celebrating their first wedding aniversary. The young father, Michael Westerman, died. Media outlets downplayed the killing and actually printed insulting insinuations about the victims, portraying them as rednecks because Westerman had mounted a Confederate flag in the back of his truck. The CofCC would later co-sponsor a memorial for Micheal Westerman in which Dr. Sam Francis and Jared Taylor were speakers.

From AP …

In a powerful demonstration of the way the Internet has opened up the mainstream media to intensive second-guessing, bloggers are charging that news outlets have ignored the rape and murder of a young Knoxville couple because of the racial implications of the story.
Christian & Newsom Killers
The two victims were white; the five defendants are black.

The critics include mainstream conservatives, such as the National Review, and white supremacists. They have drawn comparisons to the Duke lacrosse rape case and wondered why the killings of Channon Christian, a 21-year-old University of Tennessee student, and her 23-year-old boyfriend Christopher Newsom are not getting the same attention from what the bloggers regard sneeringly as the liberal media.

“Oh, that’s right, the victims were WHITE!” several conservative blogs have observed.

Or as National Review columnist Jack Dunphy commented online: “Uh oh, we’re not supposed to talk about such things, are we.”

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