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No Blood for Diversity

Darfur Pamphlet

By: C.T. Huffman

It is with curious puzzlement with which I view the newest pet cause of the American Left. They are shrieking for the United States to intervene to stop the genocide in Darfur. One would think with all of George Clooney’s sense of urgency that the janjawweed militia was on its way to attack Atlanta and a new march to the sea, though Clooney would probably have approved of that. True to form, these leftists and quasi-Marxists are only content with using military power in so called humanitarian missions. This is consistent with the New World Order principles of eroding national sovereignty and fighting for a global regime. Yet there is another underlying excuse for the foray of the Hollywood and left-wing elites into foreign policy. It’s yours and my favorite word, diversity.

Looking back at the past two decades the United States has increasingly intervened in the Third World following the collapse of the Soviet Union. Haiti, Somalia, and Bosnia are the most prominent examples. In every case the suffering party was either black or an ethnic minority being persecuted. American military power was deployed for the sake of fighting for diversity and because of the Left’s ever growing attachment to Africa. While American children go hungry at night and our borders are left naked and unguarded these elites demand that we spend billions in dollars to help develop the economies of African countries and to fight AIDS. One might ask where is their sense of urgency in addressing the issues in our own country such as the culture of gang violence that has permeated the black community in America. Instead they give us the perversion of modern culture while adopting children from Third World countries while millions of American children go without. I guess Angelina Jolie can sleep better at night knowing that one less child from Cambodia goes deprived.

Ever since the end of the European colonial regimes in Africa the Left has developed a soft spot in its heart for the continent. Phone drives, charity fund raisers, Live 8 Concerts, and multiple other functions (the recent Red Mobile Phone Drive to help fight AIDS in Africa for example) have all been organized. Yet this is not enough. Africa is still plagued by failed governments, brutal civil wars, and an inability to keep pace with the rest of the world. It is the responsibility of the people of Africa to settle their own affairs. Ironically the only stable countries in Africa with a respectable standard of living were pre-Mandela South Africa and Rhodesia. While ignoring the atrocities of our communist enemy, the Soviet Union, the Left clamored of the need for justice in South Africa and Rhodesia. As the white farmers of Zimbabwe and South Africa can testify, life has hardly improved since the multiculturalist crowd got their wish. Well what does that have to do with us and the Council of Conservative Citizens? Unfortunately a lot. These same elites, seeing Africa continue to struggle, have managed to persuade the government in Washington that to burnish our image around the world we must dedicate ourselves as a nation to building up Africa. One remembers in President Bush’s 2004 State of the Union that he proposed an increase in US foreign aid to Africa. Now it is well within the rights of our elites to spend their own money, organize fundraisers, and even adopt Third World Children to raise as their own. But what happens in Africa is not our national concern nor should we as taxpayers foot the bill to stem the flow from the Left’s bleeding hearts. We suffer enough from our own government’s incompetence and wasteful spending, yet now for compassion’s sake we must pony up money for Africa to let their government’s squander?! At least we can all go to bed tonight with a clear conscience.

Well now it seems that taxpayer money is not enough either in our nation’s devotion to Africa. It’s now time to make a blood sacrifice. People are dying in Darfur by the thousands, where are the Marines!?! These same people who screamed No Blood for Oil are now demanding that we shed blood for diversity. The Sudanese Arabs don’t want to live side by side with the blacks in Darfur, then we must make them. After all this was the same rationale which led America into the Balkans. Throughout his presidency, William J. Clinton committed American military power to end the sectarian conflicts raging in the former Yugoslavia. Ethnic minorities were being persecuted, so it demanded our immediate attention! American blood and treasure were put at risk to fight in a conflict with no national interest of ours at stake, and as it turned out no genocide of the Kosovar Albanians to justify the bombing of Serbia in 1999. Our nation was put at risk of a conflict with Russia and our troops still stationed there when they could be on our border. Lest any of us forget, Clinton gave radical Islam a foothold in Europe from which they have expanded and swelled to the point that they may one day dominate Europe.. Neither the Congress of the United States, nor even the people were ever asked if they wanted to intervene. We were given no choice as to whether or not we wanted our money spent on mediating a civil war which had nothing to do with us. Yet almost ten years later, we’re being asked to do it again.

American troops may never be sent into Darfur due to our War with Islam. . Yet the Left’s penchant for fighting for diversity knows no limits. It’s no longer about riding buses into the American South, it’s about demanding our politicians take us to war for interests not our own. The multiculturalist demand for action in Darfur would put us at direct risk of a confrontation with Red China, who has an unofficial alliance with Sudan as well as Chinese troops on the ground. With the Left and the corporate CEO’s allied with the GOP in charge we can expect more of this to occur. The Republican, Bush I, sent our troops to Somalia just as Clinton sent our troops to Kosovo. This is what war is about for the Left and the multicultural inclined. We are to fight for people who do not look like us, have nothing in common with us, and for interests that have nothing to do with ours. Our constitutional republic under God is being eroded for the sake of a new world order whose actions we endure every day in this nation. Jobs being sent overseas, foreign invaders let loose to roam our streets, and Western culture everyday under attack. This is what the Left and the Republican Party have given us.

Only with true conservatives such as in the Council of Conservative Citizens can we stop the avalanche. Though the voices of opposition in this country are muted by fears of being called racist, there is a growing clamor of discontent. Jared Taylor, editor of the American Renaissance, summed up our biggest advantage in two simple words. WE’RE RIGHT! Armed with this unimpeachable advantage we go forth. The next time a yuppie or bleeding heart clamors for action in Darfur, look them in the eye and proudly say “No Blood for Diversity.”