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Ron Paul Wins The 1st Republican Presidential Candidate Debate

Ron Paul Wins The Presidential Republican DebateHere are some responses from some of the voters:

Ron Paul had a position I could handle and even support. His non-interference foreign policy, he’d respect and protect public privacy, and his last and best comment about protecting habeas corpus was fundamentally the best! Goldwater republicans like him are certainly tolerable and have the nation’s best interest at heart. We are all in this together. The others quiet frankly are quite scary suggesting a NEW war with Iran as if one war wasn’t enough. As paul pointed out, we survived an era with 40,000 Soviet nuclear weapons pointed at us and here we are threatening to go into ANOTHER preemptive war over a third-world nation that doesn’t have any.

Ron Paul made it very clear about his stance on the conservative ideas of limited government, and for that I commend him greatly….. good job Ron.

Ron Paul was genious, I wish he would get more coverage. Chris Matthews just laughs at him…probably because he (Chris) doesn’t understand his talking points.

Ron Paul is the only conservative up thier and is a protector of the constitution.

Ron Paul is the only candidate looking out for the american people and not big buisiness corporate america.

Ron Paul stood out as the true small government conservative. In general all the “front runnners” were brought down to size and the second tier was elevated.

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