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SPLC expands definition of "extremist."

Report from the South Carolina CofCC

America’s most financially successful “anti-racists” at the Southern Poverty Law Center have dished out another “Intelligence Report.” You know, that magazine they give away unsolicited for free, because no one would actually pay for it.

With Klansmen and Skinheads waning, the SPLC is desperate for new targets for fundraising letters. They recently designated YAF, the benign conservative mainstay on college campuses Young Americans For Freedom, as a “hate groups.”

We now learn in this issue who the “extremists” are. The John Birch Society, the Constitution Party, NORFED, the Ohio Defense Force, the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps, the Minuteman Project, Save Our State, and many others.

NORFED is a group that opposes the Federal Reserve and has large appeal among coin collectors. It is hardly extremist. The town of Ithaca has it’s own city run version of NORFED that is very successful.

The Ohio Defense Force is a state sactioned volunteer disaster relief force that operates in the Appalachian counties of Ohio. It has been sactioned by the Attorney General’s Office of Ohio.

Of course we all know the Minutemen. Polls show the majority of Americans support the Minutemen! John Birch Society, Constitution Party? Please, these are hardly extremists.

Also in the new issue of the “Intelligence Report” are two references to the CofCC, which both say the same thing. They claim that we called blacks a “retrograde species.” This the same claim that the SPLC has repeated in almost every issue for years.

About ten years ago, the CofCC website had a link to an outside page. This website called black a “retrograde species.” When the language was discovered the link was deleted from the website. The CofCC has never published any materials ever that made derogatory statements of this kind, as the SPLC implies.

The fact is the SPLC has nothing real to say about us. They just don’t like us. Morris Dees was once a professional fundraiser for Ted Kennedy, so we know he’s a radical left-winger.

The new issue also proves that the SPLC does not actually believe it’s own claim to support Freedom of Speech. The new issue discusses the erosion of Freedom of Speech on college campuses and gives a proposed legal foundation for “disciplining” college Professors. Of course they aren’t talking about the 10,000’s of extreme left-wing Professor that teach the soft-sciences and pontificate left-wing diatribes in the classroom at 1,000’s of Universities across the United States every day.