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Stopping Amnesty & Rescuing America's Future

By: C.T. Huffman

With a much lower turnout this May Day as compared to 2006, those wanting amnesty for illegal aliens are pressed for a reason for the much lower numbers. It is the climate of fear they tell us. The illegal aliens are frightened by the rising tempo of long overdue federal raids. Well let’s chalk one up for Middle America that our government is finally getting around to fulfilling its constitutional duties. The Forgotten Majority is stirring with an anger and a passion not seen since 1968. $500 billion dollars of our hard earned money has been sent to finance an unending war for people who as soon as we leave will be tripping over themselves to burn American flags and chant “Death to America!” It’s a shame that over 3,000 Americans have died defending borders not our own while our own neighborhoods and communities are suffering from the presence of our uninvited neighbors from Mexico and the Third World.

The pro-amnesty crowd is hard at work to capitalize on their momentum, provided by Corporate America and President Bush. It’s not enough that manufacturing job after manufacturing job has been shipped to Mexico or Communist China. The President and his ilk seek to bring in millions of poor, Non-English speaking, illegal aliens to take those that our left in his country. President Bush escaped defeat in Ohio in 2004 by 1% of the vote after the state had suffered a rash of outsourcing. Yet Mr. Bush can’t seem to fathom the idea that his administration’s policies are the impetus for his near loss in 2004 and the GOP rout in 2006. As the late Dr. Sam Francis said, the GOP is truly the Stupid Party. Stopping this amnesty may be our last best hope to save our Republic. If at least 12 million poor, Third World immigrants are added to the voting rolls then we all know where they’re headed. Any hope for a conservative revival will be crushed like an ant and our borders forever opened, as it would be electoral suicide to suggest stopping the flow.

Pat Buchanan and Dr. Francis more than any two social commentators have illustrated that America is not a creedal nation. We are not united by our ideas embodied by the Declaration of Independence and Constitution. Before these noble documents were ever written, we believed in the principles they both put forward. Why is this? Because of the common heritage and culture of the people inhabiting our young nation. If the inhabitants had been Asian, Polynesian, African, or Mestizo then our nation would look nothing like it does today in either government or values. It is because of the European heritage that our ancestors shared that they penned the Declaration and embraced the principles of a free economy. America is a blood and soil nation, just as other nations around the world are indeed so. No matter how much blood we shed in Iraq they will still be Iraqis. They will embrace the faith of their fathers and the heritage that their ancestry has bequeathed them.

Thus we get to the heart of why we must oppose the Third World invasion of our nation. If as demographics project, the European inhabitants become a minority, then our country will not be our country anymore. It will be fundamentally changed forever with nothing short of a civil war that could change it. Michael Savage hit the nail on the head when he stated on his radio program that the whole reason that the Left is letting in the Third World is the lack of that civilization’s inclination to challenge them. Think about it. Latin America is comprised of some of the most corrupt governments on the planet. The wealth is overwhelmingly concentrated in the hands of a privileged elite. That is what Mr. Bush, Hillary Clinton, and the elites in this country have in mind for us. They will be the ones with power concentrated in their hands. As an ever-shrinking minority our concerns will be drowned out and our country lost forever as surely as Rome was to the barbarians.

The SPLC, NAACP, MECHA, and the National Council of La Raza (the tan Klan) are not immune to the realities of this. Sooner or later the dogs they have unleashed will turn on them as they have on us. If we are to stop this nightmare scenario it is in the ranks of the Council of Conservative Citizens that it will be done. Middle America is increasingly moving ever more in our direction. We want secure borders, safe communities, and for government to leave us alone. To do this we must do a few choice things to move public opinion ever closer to our side. Write your local newspaper or call into the local talk radio shows. The more you speak out, the less afraid others will be in their activism. The SPLC and the ADL and other minority protection rackets will cry out and call us racist. But after the outrage of the Don Imus lynching, the Duke Lacrosse case, and the lawlessness after Hurricane Katrina the label is loosing its potency. Call or write your legislative representative on both the state and federal level. Attend all city council meetings and raise the issues that you care about. Education, federal busing, affirmative action, and illegal immigration can all be confronted on the state and local level. The ACLU can’t sue every town if more and more take action as Hazelton, Pennsylvania has.

Lastly we must reform the corpse of the two party system. The Democrats are in the pockets of the minority lobby and their socialist intellectual brethren inspired by the Frankfurt School, but that doesn’t make them a lost cause. In key districts that are predominantly white working class then the Democrats can be moved in our direction. If they are in danger of loosing the Main Street vote then they have no choice as politicians can be made into puppets if they want to win. The Republican Party is where the main base of our strength will likely be found but there is much work to be done. South Carolinians need not be reminded of the disaster that is Senator Lindsey Graham. My heart goes out and wishes them the best of luck in finding him a primary opponent that truly represents the will of the people of the great Palmetto State. Yet as Ronald Reagan’s desk piece said best “IT CAN BE DONE!” Any candidate for federal office should be asked do you favor securing the border immediately. If the GOP can be divorced from Corporate America and return to the common people, then our issues will win every time. Polls are on our side as the Michigan CofCC proved when they, without the support of the state GOP, rallied the public to defeat affirmative action by a 58-42% margin. More victories like this are possible, but only if we stop this amnesty dead in its tracks and demand the securing of our borders.

Nothing is more painful then the loss of one’s home. Yet our national home is being ransacked and looted as surely as the grass is green and sky is blue. The America we inherited will be a burnt out shell for our children if we don’t act now. Strangers are all around us claiming the labor of our forefathers as their own. As Enoch Powell said best in England “To see and not speak out would be a great betrayal. It is as if watching my nation busily engaged in heaping its own funeral pyre. I am filled with foreboding, for like the Roman I seem to see the River Tiber foaming with much blood.” May such a future never come to America. In all traditional stories like this one, the villains are defeated and the ending is a happy one. I can make no such promise for this one, for the story isn’t over. Only you, the reader of these thoughts of one young American, can determine its outcome.