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The Art of Cultural Activism.

Media Bypass CoverCheck out this classic interview from a 1999 issue of Media Bypass magazine. Gordon Baum discusses how to be an effective activist and win victories on the local/grassroots level.

Gordon Baum, Esq. is the CEO of the Council of Conservative Citizens. He is a St. Louis attorney, a Vietnam Veteran, was the Missouri state campaign leader for George Wallace for president. He has received the highest state awards from three different states. He is an Arkansas Fellow Traveler and an Honorary Colonel in the Alabama and Georgia State Militias.

Rule #1:

“All politics are local. Most politicians are prostitutes. And we need some of those prostitutes working for us,” laughs St. Louis attorney Gordon Lee Baum, when asked to describe his organizational philosophy for political activism.

The “us” he is referring to is the fifteen thousand member strong Council of Conservative Citizens, a nationwide network of cultural conservative politicians, academics, activists and ordinary citizens who say they are fed up with the mainstream political process and are ready to organize locally to fix the problem, nationwide. Instead of dropping out of the system, advocating radical change, or forming yet another political party, CofCC has a different approach entirely. Their outreach is locally based. their agenda is states rights, and their success in building support for their issues is turning liberal heads across America.

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