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The End of America 1776-2007?

By: C. T. Huffman

While it is not a done deal whether the amnesty deal made by the GOP and Democrat Senators will become law, it is a body blow to our Republic. It is one from which we may not recover. Consider the implications of census figures combined with this new plan to allow 12-20 million illegals to stay in this country. With minorities now comprising at least a third of our population, the devil is in the demographics. With minorities producing more children than the European inhabitants of the United States it is a fair certainty that with this amnesty we European-Americans will be a minority, perhaps before 2050. The forces for this amnesty, while not representative of a majority of Americans, pocess vast power and influence. The President, the minority lobby pressuring both political parties, the press, and Big Business are invested in seeing this amnesty pass. The day President Bush signs this into law will be the twighlight moment of our country.

Those who have read the Citizens Informer remember well the story of South Africa and Rhodhesia. When power was ceded from the hands of the white government to the ANC and Robert Mugabe’s government it was open season on all the white citizens. A creeping genocide is taking place against the Afrikaners still remaining in South Africa, while Mugabe ruthlessly purges whites from their land. As this happens the standard of living for the region declines and famine grips Zimbabwe. Consider well the effects of the withrawal of the colonial regimes in Africa. The Rwanda genocide and the ongoing Darfur conflict didn’t happen on Europe’s watch. Somalia was not the epitome of anarchy and lawlessness while the Italians were there. Yet in the name of morality and national necessity following World War II they left. And here we are. Africa stands behind the rest of the with HIV ravaging it’s inhabitants. And the Europeans that dare to remain live in fear that each day could be their last.

The Southwest of our country is almost beyond saving short of an immediate and total end to illegal immigration. Chicano nationalists are in effective control of the California Assembly and the city of Los Angeles. Today Mayor Villaigarosa, a member of the Aztlan movement, marches against his own cities police department. Soon the blood of our ancestors who fought in the Mexican-American War will be rendered null and void; as California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas pass into majority Hispanic hands. It will at that point be political suicide for any conservative presidential candidate to suggest closing the border or ending Third World Immigration to this country. Chicano power will rise as Anglo power fades. The Republic we love and struggle for will be no more.

It is imperative at this point that we bombard “our” elected representatives with phone calls, faxes, and for those close to DC personal visits. Only the sheer tenacity of our efforts will halt this amnesty. If we fail or they simply ignore us, then we will be faced with very difficult choices in the next few years. It was Patrick Henry who once said that he feared the day when Virginia’s interests would be placed into the hands of those whom it would be in their interest to violate Virginia’s. Well friends that day has long since come and gone for us. It’s now time we remembered another great Virginian’s words. The same man who wrote our Declaration of Independence once said, “every generation needs a new revolution.” For those who have read Thomas Chittum’s “Civil War 2: The Breakup of America,” those words may just be prophetic.