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The Real Story of Cinco De Mayo

By: C.T. Huffman

Now that winter has passed and we have done our penance by celebrating Kwanza, Martin Luther King Day, and Black History Month it’s time we appeased Hispanics by celebrating Cinco De Mayo. Yet what exactly do Mexicans have to celebrate about? While it is certainly true that the Mexicans manning the defenses of Puebla were able to repulse the French attack on May 5, the same French returned months later and captured Puebla from the Mexicans. The Mexicans were not even able to drive the French from Mexico after the Battle of Puebla. Instead it would be the army of the United States, fresh from savaging the Confederacy, that gave Napoleon III the motivation to leave Mexico. It was the Anglo, not the mestizo, which won the war for Mexico against the French.

Today however the story of Cinco de Mayo is celebrated as the brave actions of the oppressed Mexican people defeating the mighty French Army. To read the Mexican accounts of the battle, one would think Ignacio Zaragoza deserves a spot with Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson for his generalship. When causes for the war are discussed, the Mexicans point not to the French but the United States of all nations as the one to blame! Everyone’s favorite culprit, those evil nasty American white people, took the Southwest from Mexico in the war that Mexico started. Nevermind that it was those same Anglos who scared Napoleon off. Nevermind that the same Mexicans today who laud the bravery of the Mexicans at Puebla, couldn’t keep the town or drive the French out without the help of the Anglos. Cinco De Mayo has come to symbolize the power of the Chicano over White European oppression. Nothing less of an explanation explains the eagerness of our talking heads in Washington and the media to celebrate this holiday.

With our leaders in both political parties eager to apologize and kowtow for our past alleged sins, Cinco De Mayo is bound to only grow bigger on our national landscape. If anything Mexico should use this day to thank the United States. However with the drive for amnesty running on all cylinders don’t hold your breath. I believe we are destined this day to be deluged with a healthy dose of white guilt.

Are the Texans who died at the Alamo to have fought for nothing? Should the same gallant heroes who scaled the walls at Chapultepec have saved themselves the climb? As the Southwest passes back to Mexico without a shot being fired, it’s time we as Americans woke up and smelled the daisies. Our tax dollars, our jobs, and our very streets and homes are being overrun as surely as Rome was overrun by the barbarians. If we are to stop this before it’s too late, then join the Council of Conservative Citizens. The CofCC has been on the frontlines and will continue the battle for our country, our culture, and our very survival. This Cinco De Mayo, put down that tequila, take off that sombrero and write to PO Box 221683 St Louis, MO 63122 or call 636-940-8474 and join the Council today!