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A liberal's agony.

florida anti-racist News Team

Freelance writer living in a black neighborhood says black people made her “racist,” and she’s ashamed of herself.

St. Petersburg Times…

Cathy Salustri was typing without thinking. She was mad and she needed to get the words out. What spilled across her computer screen would eventually land on the front page of a Gulfport newspaper and spark Internet debate around the bay area. But that night in her living room, doubt filled her mind. Why did I write something stupid like that? Do I feel this way? I can’t possibly feel this way. The words on the screen did not lie:

I’m a white woman living in a black neighborhood, and I’m turning into a racist because of it.

She won’t use racial epithets. She doesn’t go around waving Confederate flags. She had to look up the word “racism” to see if it applied to her:

The belief that race accounts for differences in human ability or character.

She decided it probably does.

Salustri, 34, isn’t proud of who she has become. It’s not a reflection of her upbringing, the first seven years in New York, the rest in Clearwater.

Question. Isn’t it time to reject childish overused insults like “racist?” The definition of a “racist” is someone who is winning an argument with a liberal.