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A white Al Sharpton?

The Kankakee, IL Daily Journal published an editorial entitled “White America Needs It’s Own Al Sharpton.”

You would think the same media outlets that gave us minute-by-minute updates on Don Imus, the paternity case of Anna Nicole Smith’s baby, or the in, out and back in jail again Paris Hilton would have investigated this case. This had to have been the first major crime of the New Year, but there was no endless FOX News, MSNBC or CNN coverage. Where were Bill O’Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, Nancy Grace, Greta Van Susteren or Geraldo Rivera?

So just what was missing or so wrong about this story that made it unworthy? For starters the victims and the villains didn’t fit the correct racial profile. The victims were white; the villains were black. That doesn’t sell. Reverse the situation and we would have nonstop coverage. Of course, we would have had black activists insisting the world see the brutality white America is capable of committing.

However, since the victims were white in this case, there are no white activists bold enough to speak up out of fear of being labeled a racist. It’s as if these two young white people were not important enough to have America learn of their unthinkable demise.

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